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Venezuela's Guaido Decries Raid on Detained Uncle's Home

11 when returning to Venezuela with Guaido after an international tour meant to generate support to oust President Nicolas Maduro Голос Америки

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Visits Trump at White House

Meeting comes as Juan Guaido tries to rekindle his campaign to depose President Nicolas Maduro Голос Америки

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Guaido Invited to Trump Speech

Guaido was invited by Trump to attend the flagship event in Washington in a public show of support for his efforts to dislodge President Nicolas Maduro Голос Америки

Guaido Rallies Venezuelan Expats in Miami at End of Tour

'We have a strategy' for ousting Nicolas Maduro, he says, but he offers few details of his plan Голос Америки

Europe Tour Boosts Venezuela's Guaido in Struggle Against Maduro

Parliamentary leader's tour got off to promising start with a surprise welcome from British prime minister and French president but momentum was lost in Socialist-led Spain Голос Америки

Thousands Support Venezuela's Guaido at Madrid Rally

He emphasizes importance of international support in unseating Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Голос Америки

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Tells VOA He Is Not Giving Up

Guaidó, who last year declared himself Venezuela's interim president, made the comments in an exclusive interview with VOA. Голос Америки

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Enters Legislative Building After Standoff with Troops

Opposition leader Guaido and President Maduro vie for control of country's last democratic institution Голос Америки

Venezuela's Guaido and Rival Lawmaker Call for Competing Legislative Sessions

Guaido and a rival lawmaker backed by socialist leader Nicolas Maduro both call for National Assembly sessions on Tuesday Голос Америки

Venezuela's Guaido, Maduro-Backed MP Make Competing Speakership Claims

Luis Parra claims to be the country's parliament speaker after two separate votes and accusations of a 'parliamentary coup' Голос Америки

Maduro Backers Stage Takeover of Venezuelan Legislature

Supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaido are held at bay by security forces as scheme unfolds Голос Америки

US Slaps Sanctions on Cuba Defense Minister over Support for Venezuela's Maduro

The designation bars Leopoldo Cintra Frias, a career military officer who joined Fidel Castro's rebel army in 1957, and his children from entering the United States Голос Америки

Maduro Lieutenant Vows to Convert El Nacional Newsroom into State Communications College(2)

Journalists, rights groups in Venezuela protest outside parliament despite last-minute changes to the legislation Голос Америки

Troops That Defied Maduro Have Fled Venezuela(2)

A group of 16 Venezuelan troops holed up for seven months in a foreign embassy after revolting against Nicolas Maduro said they have managed to flee the country Голос Америки

UN, Lender CAF Seek $350M Loan for Maduro Government(2)

Crisis-stricken nation suffers from chronic blackouts; opposition is split on proposed deal Голос Америки

Rio Treaty Nations Move to Further Isolate Venezuela(2)

The 1947 Rio Treaty signatories concluded a meeting in Bogota by vowing to cooperate in pursuing sanctions and travel restrictions for Maduro government associates accused of corruption, drug trafficking, money laundering or human rights violations Голос Америки

Black Friday Comes to Venezuela as Socialist Government Loosens Controls(2)

For the first six holiday seasons of his presidency, Maduro attempted to keep consumer goods prices low despite galloping inflation with strict enforcement of price controls Голос Америки

VOA Interview: US Southern Command Chief Admiral Craig Faller (2)

Top US commander in Latin America and the Caribbean says illicit narcotics money is now a 'big part' of financing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government Голос Америки

Venezuelan Opposition Struggling for Momentum Against Maduro(2)

Juan Guaido struggling to draw protesters into the streets after calling for daily demonstrations to drive President Nicolas Maduro from power Голос Америки

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