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Egypt Moves Toward Toughening up Draconian Anti-Terror Law

Egypt's legislature gives its initial approval for toughening up already draconian anti-terrorism laws, with amendments that include life sentences and capital punishment...Голос Америки

Newly-Empowered Virginia Democrats Promise Action

Eastern US state's increasingly diverse legislature convened Wednesday, led for the first time in more than two decades by Democrats who are promising to enact a...Голос Америки

Maduro Backers Stage Takeover of Venezuelan Legislature

Supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaido are held at bay by security forces as scheme unfolds Голос Америки

Tunisian PM-Designate Expects Government Next Week(2)

Country's October parliamentary election resulted in a deeply fractured legislature with no party winning more than a quarter of seats, complicating the process of coalition building...Голос Америки

LGBT Activists in China Seek to Change Marriage Civil Code(2)

LGBT activists in China are seeking to legalize same-sex marriage through a novel tactic: submitting opinions on a draft new civil code to the country's legislature Голос Америки

Mixed Results for Trump in Tuesday Elections(2)

Republican wins Mississippi governorship, but another Republican trails in Kentucky and Democrats take control of Virginia legislature for the first time in 25 years...Голос Америки

Democrats Claim Victory Over Trump-Backed Kentucky Governor, Seize Virginia Legislature(2)

Beshear's upset win could also bolster Democrats' slim hopes of ousting Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Голос Америки

North Carolina's Congressional Map is Illegal Republican Gerrymander, Court Rules(2)

Decision a victory for Democrats, who have struggled to gain a foothold in both the state legislature and North Carolina's 13 U.S. congressional districts, in part because of how Republicans drew the electoral lines...Голос Америки

Hong Kong scraps extradition bill that sparked protests(2)

Hong Kong scraps extradition bill that sparked protests

Hong Kong's legislature has formally withdrawn a controversial extradition bill that has sparked months of unrest.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Nikol Pashinyan: I am very glad that my good friend Justin Trudeau  won the election(2)

Monday won the parliamentary elections in Canada, but did not receive a majority in the lower house of the country's legislature - the House of Commons. To form a government, most liberals needed 170 seats, they were able to gain...Arminfo: Главная

Swiss to Elect New Legislature, as Polls Suggest Green Gains (2)

One analyst points to a great unknown: Will young Swiss who have poured into the streets to lament global warming also turn up at the ballot boxes? Голос Америки

Hong Kong Chief Executive Walks Out of Legislature Amid Jeers(4)

The chief executive later addressed the legislature by video link and said her government would not tolerate calls for independence...Голос Америки

UK Government Insists Suspension of Parliament Was Not Illegal(2)

Second day of a historic three-day hearing that pits the powers of legislature against those of its executive as country's scheduled Brexit date looms over UK economy and its political landscape...Голос Америки

Russian Election Chief Defends Ban on Moscow Candidates(2)

...of Russia's election commission is standing by a decision to keep a dozen opposition candidates from running for the city legislature in Moscow...Голос Америки

Liberian President Wants to Shorten Terms for Legislature, Executive(2)

George Weah quoted as saying that goal is to push officials to begin serving the people from the day they assume office, rather than putting off work until the close of their terms Голос Америки

Philadelphia Shootout Triggers Questions, Blame Game(2)

With the Philadelphia shooting suspect behind bars, U.S. President Donald Trump Thursday engaged in a blame game with city authorities. The president said the suspect, who has a criminal record, should not have been on the street. A U.S. attorney...Голос Америки

Venezuela Pro-Maduro Legislature to Assess Early Congress Elections(2)

Move would create an opportunity for the government to reclaim control of the opposition-dominated congress Голос Америки

Venezuela Pro-Government Legislature Holds Session, May Disband Congress(2)

Venezuela's pro-government legislature holds a session on Monday amid accusations it is planning to disband the opposition-run parliament and convene early legislative elections...Голос Америки

Breastfeeding Lawmaker Sparks Uproar in Kenyan Parliament(2)

Legislature ejects Zuleika Hassan who walked into the debate chamber with her five-month old baby, citing an absence of accommodations for her and her child Голос Америки

Puerto Rico Tries to Pick New Governor Amid Crisis(2)

Rossello heads to an uncertain confirmation vote in the US territory's legislature Голос Америки

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