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Germany Hosts Libya Summit in Bid to Curb Military Meddling

Chancellor Angela Merkel invited leaders from 12 countries as well as the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union and the Arab League to...Голос Америки

Germany Hosts Summit on Peace, Politics in Libya

Twelve world leaders and representatives of rival governments in Libya are attending...Голос Америки

Both US, Iran Believe Time Is on Their Side in Tense Standoff

...that Iran and the United States will develop a new, more extensive nuclear agreement appear bleak, at least for now, after leaders in Tehran this week defiantly abandoned the 2015 deal, one that President Donald Trump withdrew from in 2018. VOA’s...Голос Америки

FM: Premature to talk about meeting of Armenian, Azeri leaders

FM: Premature to talk about meeting of Armenian, Azeri leaders

Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan noted that Armenia has never attempted to protract the process. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

West African Leaders, France Vow New Fight on Terrorism(2)

Leaders, invited by French President Emmanuel Macron to a G5 summit in the southern French city of Pau, on Monday agreed to put aside their differences with the former colonial power to fight against jihadism Голос Америки

Davos Forum: Trump to Attend, But Iranian Official Cancels

...will be sitting out the elite World Economic Forum next week in Davos, Switzerland, where President Donald Trump and other leaders are set to be high-profile attendees...Голос Америки

Foreign Policy: Turkey must stop meddling in Armenian Church affairs

Foreign Policy: Turkey must stop meddling in Armenian Church affairs

The article is about the Turkey's political preferences when it comes to selecting the leaders of minority groups.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

High-Gear Diplomacy Aims to Avert US, Iran Conflict

Global leaders and top diplomats are repeating the mantra of 'de-escalation' and 'dialogue,' yet none have publicly laid out a path to...Голос Америки

Rival Libyan Leaders to Hold Peace Talks

UN, EU, Arab leaders urge both rival governments fighting for control to abide by a truce...Голос Америки

Thousands hit streets in Iran to condemn leaders over downed plane

Thousands hit streets in Iran to condemn leaders over downed plane

In the Islamic Republic, demonstrators are calling for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to step down.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

"США наблюдают": Трамп призвал Иран "не убивать протестующих"

"США наблюдают": Трамп призвал Иран "не убивать протестующих"

в стране. "Включите интернет и позвольте журналистам свободно передвигаться. Остановите убийство вашего великого иранского народа", - заявил он. To the leaders of Iran - DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS. Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

World Leaders Travel to Oman to Meet Its Newly Named Sultan

Sultan Haitham was named as the successor to Sultan Qaboos, the Middle East's longest-ruling monarch whose death was announced Saturday Голос Америки

Reaction Swift, Stern to Iran's Downing of Ukrainian Jetliner

Iran's leaders offer condolences while leaders from Canada, Ukraine demand full, transparent investigation...Голос Америки

German and Russian Leaders Meet to Discuss Mideast Tensions

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid growing tensions in the Middle East and elsewhere Голос Америки

Trump Administration Sending Mixed Messages During Iran Crisis

From a possible pull-out from Iraq to targeting Iran's cultural sites, US officials have had to clarify policy amid mixed messaging from US leaders Голос Америки

McConnell, Pelosi Stand Firm as Impeachment Remains Frozen

What started as a seemingly minor delay over process and procedures is now a high-stakes showdown between two skilled leaders facing off over the rare impeachment trial...Голос Америки

Leaders of Turkey, Russia Urge Cease-fire in Libya

Meanwhile, EU officials intensify diplomatic efforts to cool tensions in North African nation by holding talks with its prime minister Голос Америки

Erdogan, Putin to Launch New Gas Line, Talk Regional Crises

Presidents Erdogan and Vladimir Putin are also expected to discuss Syria and Libya, where the two leaders support opposing sides, while addressing regional tensions in Iraq and Iran...Голос Америки

Putin to Visit Istanbul Amid Increasing Differences Over Syria, Libya

...and Turkey, which is a NATO member. As Dorian Jones reports from Istanbul, during the visit the Russian and Turkish leaders are expected to address growing differences in their bilateral relationship, on issues ranging from Syria to Libya.Голос Америки

Trump, Other Officials Say US Prepared to Respond Should Iran Attack

Iran will suffer consequences should it retaliate, as it has vowed, for the killing by the US of one of its military leaders Голос Америки

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