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Interim President Jeanine Áñez Quits Bolivia Presidential Race

It's an effort to keep ex-leader Morales from returning to power...Голос Америки

Libya's UN-backed Prime Minister 'Ready to Step Down' if New Leader Chosen

Fayez al-Sarraj says he is ready for a 'peaceful transition of power' once agreement is reached on new leaders and a new government...Голос Америки

'COVID first': Thai PM Warns Protesters Against Raising Virus Risks

Demonstrators have held two months of near-daily rallies to demand former junta leader Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha's removal and changes to constitution...Голос Америки

Belarusian Opposition Leader Denounces Lukashenko Meeting With Putin

The meeting came as Human Rights Watch accused the Belarusian government of unlawful detentions and torture Голос Америки

Poisoned Russian Opposition Leader Shows Signs of Recovery

A Picture from a German Hospital with Plans to Return to Russia Голос Америки

Голосуйте за проект Дорога истории - наша Победа

Голосуйте за проект Дорога истории - наша Победа

социальной сферы России. Для того, чтобы проголосовать за проект Дорога истории – наша Победа,необходимо перейти по ссылке, зарегистрироваться с помощью Leader-ID или с помощью аккаунта ВКонтакте или Facebook, затем кликнуть Нравится. Основное концептуальное решение проекта – создание пространства, в котором...Самарская Газета

Putin Grants Belarus $1.5 Billion Loan

Russian leader meets with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko a day after 100,000 march against him in Minsk...Голос Америки

Очередность прохождения курсов ITIL 4

Рассказывает аккредитованный тренер по ITIL 4 Игорь Фадеев. Портал Real ITSM — всё об ITIL, COBIT и ISO 20000 -

Trump Contends He's Done 'Incredible Job' on Coronavirus

Seven weeks ahead of November election, US leader says country is 'rounding the corner' in dealing with the pandemic, a notion disputed by infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci...Голос Америки

Masked Men Detain Female Protesters in Belarus

Women, others protest jailing of opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova...Голос Америки

Из Тихановской в Литве делают "нового Хуана Гуайдо"

Из Тихановской в Литве делают "нового Хуана Гуайдо"

Lithuania became the first state recognizing Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya as the National elected leader and calling Lukashenka an illegitimate leader.Правда.Ру: Аналитика и новости

Trump Knew of COVID Danger but Downplayed It, Book Recounts

Journalist Bob Woodward says US leader was warned in early 2020 of deadly nature of disease, but in a recorded interview said, 'I wanted to always...Голос Америки

Masked Belarusian Authorities Detain Another Lukashenko Opponent

Detention came as authoritarian leader tries to end mass protests...Голос Америки

Британские власти вводят новые ограничения из-за коронавируса

Британские власти вводят новые ограничения из-за коронавируса

Британские власти запретили собрания более шести человек, передает Tengrinews.kz со ссылкой на Leader-Telegram. Сообщается, что премьер-министр Великобритании Борис Джонсон официально объявит о введении новых правил в среду, 9 сентября, на специальной пресс-конференции, однако...Актуальные новости в любое время. Tengrinews.kz

Exiled Belarus Opposition Leader Pleads for 'Help Now'

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya urged international pressure, including sanctions on Alexander Lukashenko and his government following a disputed election Голос Америки

UN Rights Chief Condemns Navalny Poisoning, Calls for Probe

Michelle Bachelet believes there is no doubt Russian agents used Soviet-era nerve agent against opposition leader Голос Америки

Senate Republican Leader to Hold Vote on COVID-19 Relief Bill

Mitch McConnell said vote on measure to deal with the pandemic's economic impact could come this week Голос Америки

South Africans Bristle Over Alleged Trump Comments on Mandela

...comments - which US president denies - are full of profanity and include Trump saying of Mandela, 'he was no leader' according to new book by lawyer Michael Cohen...Голос Америки

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Urges Military to Back Election Boycott

Juan Guaido invites armed forces to a 'unity pact' to block an upcoming poll and up international pressure on President Nicolas Maduro Голос Америки

UNMISS Withdraws Troops from South Sudan IDP Camp

The leader of internally displaced persons (IDPs) at a UN-run camp in the Jonglei state capital Bor says thousands of IDPs are...Голос Америки

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