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Tsai Meets US Official in Taiwan After Reelection Landslide

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen meets with the de facto U.S. ambassador to Taipei while China warned that countries should stick with recognizing communist-ruled Beijing as the rightful government of One China Голос Америки

Гончарук рад победе Джонсона на парламентских выборах в Британии

Гончарук рад победе Джонсона на парламентских выборах в Британии

сотрудничество и дружбу между Украиной и Великобританией", - написал Гончарук в субботу утром. My greetings to you, @BorisJohnson, on the landslide victory of the party and your re-appointment as head of the British Government. I look forward to all the...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Johnson's Landslide Victory Sets Britain On Course for January Brexit

Boris Johnson's Conservative Party seized control of dozens of constituencies that had voted to leave in the 2016 referendum Голос Америки

Britain Brexit Bound as Johnson Set for Big Parliamentary Majority

An exit poll showed Boris Johnson's Conservatives would win a landslide of 368 seats, more than enough for a very comfortable majority in the 650-seat parliament...Голос Америки

Hundreds of Thousands of Protesters Pack Hong Kong Streets

...was the first police-sanctioned mass protest for almost four months and was also the first after pro-democracy politicians scored a landslide victory in a district election last month...Голос Америки

Hong Kong Leader to 'Seriously Reflect' on Election Results After Landslide Pro-Democracy Win(2)

Statement by Carrie Lam comes after Hong Kong voters deliver a massive rebuke to Beijing Голос Америки

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Forces Score Landslide Win(4)

Election seen as referendum on pro-democracy protests Голос Америки

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Forces Headed for Landslide Win(4)

Election seen as referendum on pro-democracy protests Голос Америки

Floods in Cameroon Claim 13, Render Hundreds Homeless(2)

Authorities have deployed soldiers and rescue workers after a torrential downpour caused a landslide that killed at least 34 people overnight near Bafoussam...Голос Америки

Concern Over Macri Future Hits Argentina Markets Again, Peso Down 4%

Second day of market turmoil triggered by opposition candidate Alberto Fernandez's landslide victory in primary election that dealt a severe blow to President Mauricio Macri's re-election chances...Голос Америки

Tens of Thousands Flee Homes in Flood-Hit Myanmar as Landslide Toll Hits 59

...under floodwaters that have already forced tens of thousands to flee their homes as the death toll from a massive landslide hit 59, firefighters said Monday...Голос Америки

Myanmar Battles Rising Floodwaters after Landslide Kills 52

...provide aid in flood-hit parts of southeastern Mon state after rising waters forced residents to flee by boat and a landslide killed at least 52 people...Голос Америки

Myanmar Landslide Toll Rises to Nearly 50

Monsoon rains slam three Myanmar states, flooding roads and taking out bridges Голос Америки

Typhoon Leaves 28 Dead in China, 20 Still Missing

The deaths occurred in Yongjia county when a river blocked by a landslide rose to a level of 10 meters (30 feet) within 10 minutes, trapping 120 villagers...Голос Америки

Landslide in Southeast Myanmar Kills at Least 10 People

Rescuers were using backhoes and bulldozers to clear the mud and debris from the village in Paung township Голос Америки

Typhoon Causes Eastern China Landslide, Deaths

At least 18 people are dead and 14 more are reported missing Saturday Голос Америки

Filing Details Services for Ukrainian President in Runup to Election

Washington lobbying firm's documentation reveals $1,900 steak dinner, White House, congressional and think tank visits that coincide with Zelensky's historic landslide victory in war-torn Eastern European country...Голос Америки

Trump Congratulates Ukraine's Zelenskiy on Parliamentary Elections(2)

Ukraine's new president Zelenskiy, a television sitcom star who was elected in a landslide in May, called an early parliamentary election to replace a parliament dominated by loyalists of his predecessor...Голос Америки

В Непале погибло 65 человек из-за оползней и наводнений(2)

В Непале погибло 65 человек из-за оползней и наводнений

продолжающиеся с 11 июля, ослабнут в течение двух суток.#UPDATE Nepal Police: Death toll rises to 65 due to flooding and landslide in the country, following incessant rainfall; 38 people injured, search for 30 missing underway. 1146 people rescued till now...Аргументы и Факты - Казань

Актер Иэн Битти из «Игры престолов» снялся в клипе в Казахстане

Съемки проходили на территории Казахстана, информирует Информинг. Информинг

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