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US Officials, Suspecting Forced Labor, Seize Shipment of Chinese Hair Goods

Importers of detained shipments must prove merchandise was not produced with forced labor or export it elsewhere, Customs and Border Protection says...Голос Америки

Coronavirus Pandemic Makes More People Vulnerable to Trafficking, Says Annual US Report

Report keeps China on the lowest rung and again highlights widespread use of forced labor Голос Америки

Australian lawmaker with ties to Turkey's Grey Wolves fired from posts

Australian lawmaker with ties to Turkey

A 60 Minutes report exposed Somyurek's branch-stacking of Australian Labor Party branches in Victoria.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

UN Agencies Warn COVID-19 Could Plunge Millions of Children into Forced Labor

Economic fallout from the pandemic will hit youngsters, UN report warns Голос Америки

Another 1.5 Million US Workers Seek Jobless Benefits

In all, 44 million workers have filed for unemployment compensation since mid-March, more than a quarter of the US labor force...Голос Америки

Nigeria Coronavirus School Closures Push Children Into Labor Force

Experts monitoring child labor in the country say since the pandemic shutdown, more children are working as hawkers, cleaners or on city streets begging...Голос Америки

US Employers Laid-Off 7.7 Million Workers in April

The Labor Department said in a report that job openings plummeted and hiring all but disappeared in April...Голос Америки

UN Labor Group Says Americas Seeing Greatest COVID Job Losses(2)

ILO says more than one in six young people stopped working due to pandemic Голос Америки

First maternal death in 2020: a woman in labor suffered COVID-19(2)

...giving birth developed, according to a preliminary diagnosis, thromboembolia of pulmonary artery, as a result of which a woman in labor suddenly died. It is also indicated that the woman was previously diagnosed with coronavirus., the statement said. To...Arminfo: Главная

Amazon Gradually Reopens French Warehouses After Labor Dispute(2)

Workers had demanded more COVID-19 safety measures Голос Америки

Trump Administration to Allow More Foreign Temporary Workers

Additional 35,000 temporary foreign workers will be allowed to come to US to fill nonfarm seasonal jobs amid a tight labor market...Голос Америки

Outspoken US Labor Leader Owen Bieber Dies at 90 (2)

UAW head was fierce foe of apartheid and also backed Poland's Solidarity movement Голос Америки

US Open Jobs Fall Sharply for 2nd Straight Month(2)

...positions dropped 5.4% to 6.4 million, a historically solid number that exceeds the number of those who are unemployed, the Labor Department said Tuesday...Голос Америки

Child Labor Continues to Rob Millions of Africans of their Childhoods(2)

The UN has called for an end to child labor, worldwide, by 2025.Голос Америки

VOA Our Voices 212: Corporate Crime of Child Labor(2)

...his week on #VOAOurVoices, our panel of guests to discuss the feasibility of fighting unlawful child labor practices by corporate giants and, most often, informal work relationships.Голос Америки

ILO: Labor Inequality Threatens Social Cohesion(2)

International Labor Organization warns that rising unemployment and inequality are preventing people from working their way out of poverty and threatening social...Голос Америки

US Labor Department Limits News Outlets' Use of Embargoed Data(2)

Department will begin restricting news organizations' use of economic data by barring computers from rooms where reporters receive such data before its public release Голос Америки

Child Labor Still Prevalent in Nigeria, Despite Legislative Efforts(2)

Law banning labor for kids under 17 not widely enforced due cultural beliefs, economic needs...Голос Америки

Child Labor Still Widespread in Nigeria, Despite Legislative Efforts(2)

Law banning labor for kids under 17 not widely enforced due cultural beliefs, economic needs...Голос Америки

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