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COVID Cooperation, Kashmir Approach Show Signs of Improving US-Pakistan Ties

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan told parliament last week that his country's often uneasy and mistrusted relations with Trump's administration have seen significant improvement over the past two years Голос Америки

Caught Between Virus and Violence in Indian Kashmir

Ever since the Indian government enforced a lockdown in Kashmir following the outbreak of COVID-19, violence has surged in the area Голос Америки

Pakistan, India in Diplomatic Feud

Reciprocal action comes amid heightened tensions over long-running Kashmir territorial dispute Голос Америки

Four Rebels Killed in Second Indian Kashmir Clash in Two Days

The fresh clash was followed by the shooting death of an elected village official from India's main opposition Congress party not far from the site of the firefight, which police blamed on the rebels Голос Америки

Голубя подозревают в шпионаже в Индии(2)

Голубя подозревают в шпионаже в Индии

Jammu&Kashmir: Locals in Kathua captured a pigeon near Indian border fences today. Актуальные новости в любое время. Tengrinews.kz

Pakistan Says India Wants to Team Up to Fight Locusts(2)

New Delhi's rare offer of cooperation comes amid escalating military tensions with Islamabad over disputed Kashmir region, worsening historically strained relations between nuclear-armed neighbors Голос Америки

US Wants India, Pakistan to Restore Kashmir Truce(2)

Statement by Alice Wells, outgoing principal deputy assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia, comes as Indian and Pakistani troops are locked in almost daily skirmishes across their de facto Kashmir border, known as the Line of Control...Голос Америки

2G Internet Stifling Education, Work in Indian Kashmir (2)

Every evening before going to bed, Khalid Fayaz sets up his phone to download print-quality pictures; at the speeds available to him, it usually takes all night Голос Америки

Clashes Erupt in Kashmir After Indian Troops' Fatal Shooting of Civilian(2)

Death comes amid heightened tension in restive Muslim-majority Himalayan region after New Delhi scrapped its semiautonomous status, imposed curfew Голос Америки

Оползни на севере Индии перекрыли шоссе, заблокировав 3 тыс. автомобилей

Национальное шоссе Джамму-Сринагар в северной части Индии оставалось закрытым из-за оползней третий день подряд в субботу, 14 марта. ОКО ПЛАНЕТЫ информационно-аналитический портал

India Takes Foreign Envoys to Disputed Kashmir(2)

India's foreign ministry in a statement said the New Delhi-based envoys would meet representatives of the civil society, including youth from different ethnic and religious communities Голос Америки

Kashmir Journalists Accuse Indian Police of Muzzling Press The Associated Press(4)

India's decision to strip the region of its special status in August brought journalism to a near halt in Kashmir Голос Америки

2 Suspected Rebels, Indian Soldier Killed in Kashmir Fighting(2)

India accuses Pakistan of arming and training the rebels, a charge denied by Islamabad Голос Америки

Malaysia’s Palm Oil Sector Pays for Prime Minister’s Tough Talk on India(2)

Blowback from Mahathir Mohamad's rebuke of India over Kashmir and Muslim migrants is likely to hit his country's palm oil sector hard, but it may have as much to do with balancing bilateral trade Голос Америки

Pakistan Rebukes India's Modi Over 'War-Mongering' Remarks(2)

Tensions between the two countries remain high over the Kashmir territorial dispute Голос Америки

India Restores Some Internet in Kashmir After Nearly Six Months(2)

The shutdown was the longest-ever in a democracy Голос Америки

Trump Hails Growing US-Pakistan Ties During Khan Meeting(2)

US president says he is ready to 'help' in Kashmir dispute with India Голос Америки

India's Top Court Orders Government to Review Kashmir Internet Ban (2)

Kashmir's internet shutdown is the longest-ever in a democracy and has disrupted life in the region of seven million people Голос Америки

India-Pakistan Conflict Crushing Kashmir's Fruit Industry(2)

Tensions between nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan, including exchanges of fire along the line of control are costing local fruit farmers dearly Голос Америки

India to Restore Text Messaging Services in Kashmir(2)

Some communications services, like post-paid and landline phones, were restored in October in a phased manner Голос Америки

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