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Авиакомпания Iraqi Airways приостановила сообщение с Ираном из-за коронавируса

Минздрав Ирака рекомендовал принять необходимые меры для предотвращения проникновения COVID-19 в страну. Aviation EXplorer

Ирак закрывает въезд в страну для иранцев из-за угрозы коронавируса

Ирак закрывает въезд на территорию страны для граждан Ирана на три дня из-за угрозы распространения коронавируса нового типа. Соответствующее решение иракские власти приняли после того, как авиакомпания Iraqi Airways прекратила полеты в Иран. Новости - главные новости России, СНГ и мира - лента новостей ИА REGNUM

Национальный авиаперевозчик Ирака приостановил полеты в Иран

Власти Ирака заявили о приостановке полетов национального авиаперевозчика Iraqi Airways с Ираном в рамках мер по борьбе с коронавирусом. Известия

Yazidis Push for Reparation Bill in Iraqi Parliament

Yazidi Female Survivors Law was referred to Iraqi parliament by President Barham Salih in March 2019, and was seen by Yazidi leaders as important step toward creating secure future for survivors Голос Америки

Iraqi Family Spends Quality Time Together at the Gym

They gather almost every day and talk about their lives listening and learning from their parents. Голос Америки

Iraqi forces kick off new operation along borders of Syria and Jordan

Iraqi forces kick off new operation along borders of Syria and Jordan

the Iraqi Armed Forces concluded that the situation along the borders with Jordan and Syria "were a pressing." Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Iraqi forces launch wide-scale operation against Islamic State

Iraqi forces launch wide-scale operation against Islamic State

According to the official reports, the Iraqi security forces began the operation in the historical Al-Hadar District. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Iraq Protests: A View From 4 Diverse Cities

Iraqi activists transcend geographic, ethnic and religious differences in their support of anti-establishment demonstrations Голос Америки

Iraqi Protesters Reject PM-Designate Picked by Ruling Elites

Rejection by protesters of former Communications Minister Mohammed Allawi compound challenges he'll have to surmount in order to resolve months of civil unrest Голос Америки

Iraqi Cleric Sadr Tells Followers to Clear Sit-ins after PM Appointed

Sadr urged his unarmed supporters known as 'blue hats' to work with authorities to ensure schools and businesses can operate normally again Голос Америки

Iraqi Blocs Select New PM-designate After Weeks of Jockeying

Three Iraqi officials say former communications minister Mohammed Allawi has been named prime minister-designate by rival factions Голос Америки

US Forces Block Another Russian Convoy as Tensions Rise in Northeast Syria

American troops in northeast Syria prevented Russian military convoys from touring near the Iraqi border, in what locals describe as an increased escalation over freedom of movement in the predominantly Kurdish region Голос Америки

Iraqi Cleric Condemns Use of Force, 11 Protesters Wounded

Meanwhile, influential and radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called for his followers to return to the street, one week after he withdrew support for anti-government demonstrators camped out in Baghdad's Tahrir Square Голос Америки

US Waiting on Iraq to Approve New Missile Defenses

Iraqi government approval is all that stands in the way of the Pentagon sending Patriot missile defense batteries to defend against Iranian missiles Голос Америки

Pentagon: 50 Troops Suffered Brain Injuries in Iran Strike

The Pentagon for the third time has increased the number of U.S. service members who suffered traumatic brain injuries in Iran’s missile strike earlier this month on an Iraqi air base Голос Америки

Iraqi Protesters Defiant as Prominent Cleric Withdraws Support

Forces battle demonstrators camped out in Iraqi cities after prominent cleric withdraws support for anti-government movement Голос Америки

Iraqi Protest Camps Burned and Broken, but Not Beaten

Security forces move in on anti-government demonstrations after famous cleric withdraws support Голос Америки

Iraqi's Protest US Military Presence

Protesters demand US military leave or be expelled at urging of prominent Shi'ite leader, Muqtada al-Sadr Protesters demand US military leave or be expelled Голос Америки

Thousands Rally in Baghdad to Demand US Troops Leave

Supporters of an influential, radical Iraqi Shiite cleric, who issued a list of conditions for a peaceful American exit Голос Америки

Sarkissian and Barzani discussed prospects of obtaining higher education for students from Iraqi Kurdistan in Armenian universities

The President noted that Armenia is closely monitoring the situation in the Middle East and considers it important to develop multilateral relations with friendly Iraq, as well as deepening relations and more active cooperation with Iraqi Kurdistan. Arminfo: Главная

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