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Iran Claims US Killing of Iranian General Weakens IS Fight

The head of Iran's nuclear program says the killing of Gen.Голос Америки

US Veterans Group Wants Trump Apology for Brain Injury Comment

President said this week that he did not consider brain injuries suffered by US service members in Iran's recent attack on base in Iraq as serious...Голос Америки

US Veteran, Father of Veteran: Death of Soleimani Makes World Safer

U.S. President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike earlier this month that killed the commander of Iran's elite Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani.  Trump said Soleimani was "plotting imminent and sinister attacks on American diplomats and military personnel."...Голос Америки

Pentagon Says 34 US Troops Diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injuries After Iran Strike

President Trump and other top officials initially said Iran's attack had not killed or injured any US service members...Голос Америки

Masked Gunmen Kill Local Commander of Iran's Security Forces

The slain commander, Abdolhossein Mojaddami, headed the Basij forces, a paramilitary wing of the Revolutionary Guard used for internal security and other tasks, in the town of Darkhoein Голос Америки

Iran May Review IAEA Cooperation if European Pressure Mounts

Influential speaker of Iran's parliament says that, if European powers 'for any reason' take 'unfair' approach to dispute mechanism in the 4-year-old nuclear deal...Голос Америки

Russia: Iran Was Spooked by Reports of US F-35s When it Downed Airliner

Iran's downing of Ukraine International Airlines flight 752, which killed all 176 people aboard, has created a crisis for the Islamic Republic's clerical rulers Голос Америки

Iranian Chess Ref Accused of Flouting Dress Code Says She Won't Return Home

32, told Reuters she would not travel back to her homeland unless she was given security guarantees in writing from Iran's chess federation...Голос Америки

Forecast: Iran's desire to achieve the USA withdrawal from the Middle East is achievable

...be achievable as a result of the current round of confrontation. According to Arzumanyan, primarily due to some coincidence of Iran's goals with the strategic plans of the United States, seeking to focus on relations with China and the Asia-Pacific...Arminfo: Главная

Iran's Clerics, Elected Politicians Maneuver Ahead of Parliamentary Polls

Shooting down last week of a Ukrainian airliner over Tehran is at the center of rising tensions between Iran's clerics and the country's elected politicians...Голос Америки

Albania Expels Iranian Diplomats Amid Worsening Relations

Tirana last year accused Iran's Quds Force of plotting an attack on Iranian exiles in Albania...Голос Америки

Iran Warns Europe as Diplomat Says Officials 'Lied' on Crash

Iran's top diplomat says European soldiers in the Mideast 'could be in danger' after three nations challenged Tehran over breaking limits of its nuclear deal Голос Америки

Will Iran Protests Spark Popular Uprising?

...airliner appears to have redirected public anger away from America's targeted killing of a top Iranian general and more toward Iran's leadership...Голос Америки

Davos Forum: Trump to Attend, But Iranian Official Cancels

Iran's top diplomat will be sitting out the elite World Economic Forum next week in Davos, Switzerland, where President Donald Trump and other leaders are set to be high-profile attendees Голос Америки

For Decades Iranians Have Risen up, Only to be Put Down

Iran's security forces have shown in the past that they will use deadly force against anyone threatening the Islamic Republic, most recently in November, when rights groups say hundreds of people were killed in demonstrations sparked by a hike in...Голос Америки

Anti-Government Protests Erupt After Iran's Admission It Shot Down Plane

The government had previously insisted that allegations of a missile strike were Western propaganda. Голос Америки

В Тегеране силы безопасности вновь начали разгон митингующих

В Тегеране силы безопасности вновь начали разгон митингующих

Силы безопасности Исламской республики начали жестокое подавление протестов. Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Iran's Only Female Olympic Medalist Says She's Permanently Left Country

Kimia Alizadeh says she has permanently left country, decrying what she called 'injustice' and 'hypocrisy' of political system that uses and humiliates athletes for political purposes Голос Америки

VIDEOS: Iranians Protest Military's Role in Downing of Plane

Hundreds of Iranians protested in several cities around the country Saturday after Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps admitted to mistakenly shooting down a civilian Ukrainian plane, killing all 176 on board...Голос Америки

Protests Erupt in Iranian Cities Over Downed Ukrainian Airliner

A night of vigils for the victims of a Ukrainian passenger airliner mistakenly shot down by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps erupted into anti-government protests nationwide Saturday.Голос Америки

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