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Time Magazine Honors Grandmother Fighting Controversial Indian Citizenship Law

The magazine called her the 'Voice of the Marginalized' Голос Америки

Hydroponic Farm Ventures Take Root in Indian Cities

Pandemic has fueled interest in hydroponic produce as consumers focus on healthful food Голос Америки

US Reiterates Mediation Offer as Pakistan, India Report Fresh Border Clashes

Pakistan's military said Wednesday two of its soldiers were killed by Indian gunfire in an 'unprovoked cease-fire violation' along the Line of Control in disputed Kashmir...Голос Америки

Indian Couple Run Street-Side Classes for Poor Students

Former diplomat Virendra Gupta and his wife Veena says teaching the kids makes them feel closer to their grandchildren who live abroad Голос Америки

Death of Tibetan Commando Offers Insight Into Little-Known Elite Indian Force

Few details are publicly known about the covert force that was set up soon after a war between India and China in 1962 Голос Америки

India, China Call on Each Other to Pull Back Troops

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh says that New Delhi wants a peaceful resolution to border dispute with China but is prepared for all contingencies to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity Голос Америки

Indian athletes kicked out of commonwealth games over syringe problem

Indian athletes kicked out of commonwealth games over syringe problem Симбирский курьер

Усилия по борьбе с COVID-19 компании Mary Kay Inc. нацелены на поддержку агентства Indian Health Service. - пресс-релиз на pr.adcontext.net

Источник - pr.adcontext.net Усилия по борьбе с COVID-19 компании Mary Kay Inc. нацелены на поддержку через сеть агентства Indian Health Service непропорционально затронутой коронавирусом популяции коренных американцевДаллас, США – 9 сентября BUSINESS WIRE – Ранее в текущем году, чтобы...PR - это жизнь

1 Missing, 1 Injured in Fire on Oil Tanker Near Sri Lanka

Indian coast guard ship had reached the tanker and was dousing the fire and another Indian coast guard ship and three Indian naval ships were the way...Голос Америки

Twitter Confirms Indian PM Modi's Personal Website Account Hacked

The incident comes after several Twitter accounts of prominent personalities were hacked in July Голос Америки

Former Indian President Mukherjee Dies After COVID-19 Diagnosis

Former President Pranab Mukherjee was admitted to Army Research and Referral Hospital in New Delhi on Aug. Голос Америки

India Accuses Chinese Troops of Attemptiing to Encroach Himalayan Border(2)

Indian army statement says Chinese troops violated previous consensus and 'carried out provocative military movements' but gave no details Голос Америки

Thousands March in Mauritius Over Dead Dolphins, Oil Spill

March comes month after ship struck a reef off Indian Ocean island nation; it later cracked, spilling 1,000 tons of fuel oil into fragile marine areas...Голос Америки

Indian Supreme Court to Lawyer: Apologize or Go to Jail Over Tweets

Prashant Bhushan posted two tweets critical of the court Голос Америки

Trump Releases Commercial Aimed at Indian American Voters

Biden has chosen a woman of South Asian descent as his running mate Голос Америки

Индия и КНР проведут новый раунд переговоров по ситуации в Ладакхе

проведут 20 августа четвертый раунд переговоров по нормализации положения на линии фактического контроля в восточном Ладакхе. Об этом сообщает The Indian Express. Отмечается, что переговоры пройдут на границе двух стран с...Новости - главные новости России, СНГ и мира - лента новостей ИА REGNUM

Индия рассматривает закупку российской вакцины от коронавируса

свое посольство в Москве установило контакт с российским разработчиком вакцины «Спутник V» от Covid-19, передает сегодня, 18 августа, газета The Indian Express со ссылкой на правительственные источники.ОКО ПЛАНЕТЫ информационно-аналитический портал

Индия контактирует с Россией по вакцине от SARS-CoV-2 - The Indian Express

Москве находятся в контакте с разработчиком вакцины от коронавируса «Спутник V» из России. Об этом 18 августа сообщает газета The Indian Express со ссылкой на источники в правительстве страны. «Сейчас мы ожидаем...Новости - главные новости России, СНГ и мира - лента новостей ИА REGNUM

74th anniversary of Indian independence celebrated in Yerevan

...raised the national flag of India in the morning of August 15 in the presence of a large number of Indian Armenian guests. Then, he read a message from the President of India, Ram Nath Kovinda, to the people on...Arminfo: Главная

Japanese Ship Involved in Mauritius Oil Spill Breaks Apart

The condition of the MV Wakashio was worsening early Saturday after it ran aground on a reef near the Indian Ocean island last month causing a marine ecological disaster...Голос Америки

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