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Oil tanker towed from Sri Lanka shoreline amid spill fears

Oil tanker towed from Sri Lanka shoreline amid spill fears

Sri Lanka's navy and India's coastguard have attempted to douse the blaze with water cannon and helicopter drops.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

India's Prime Minister to Meet With Opposition on China Conflict

India and China have accused each other of instigating the deadliest conflict between them in 45 years Голос Америки

India's Laws Used to Pressure Reporters Covering Pandemic

Legal complaints used to harass critical journalists in India affect press freedom and the public's right to now, media experts say Голос Америки

Four Rebels Killed in Second Indian Kashmir Clash in Two Days

The fresh clash was followed by the shooting death of an elected village official from India's main opposition Congress party not far from the site of the firefight, which police blamed on the rebels...Голос Америки

Mumbai Escapes Wrath of Cyclone That Pummeled India's West Coast

Cyclone Nisarga pounded country's west coast, sending tens of thousands of people in coastal villages and in low-lying slums in financial capital, Mumbai, to seek safer sanctuary Голос Америки

India's Modi Gets Trump Invite To Attend G-7 Summit, Ministry Says

The US president has said he wanted to invite Australia, Russia, South Korea and India to the meeting Голос Америки

India's Kolkata devastated by powerful cyclone(2)

Many of the 14 million people are without electricity and communications have been disrupted. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Remote Work May Be India's Future, But Everyone Not On Board(2)

Supporters say it enhances productivity, others say interactive office spaces cannot be replaced at home Голос Америки

Nepal Police Fire Live Rounds as Indian Farmers Try to Cross Border amid Lockdown (2)

Nearly 150 Indians who rent land in Jhapa district in far-east Nepal - which borders India's Bihar and West Bengal states - try to force their way across, district chief says...Голос Америки

India's Modi Appeals for Calm as Riot Toll Rises to 20

Twenty people were killed and nearly 200 wounded in the violence, a doctor said, with many suffering gunshot wounds amid looting and arson attacks that coincided with a visit to India by U.S. Голос Америки

India's Top Court Orders Equal Roles for Women in Army

Top court rules that women could serve as army commanders, dismissing the government's stance that male soldiers were not ready to accept orders from female officers as 'disturbing' Голос Америки

Kashmir Journalists Accuse Indian Police of Muzzling Press The Associated Press(2)

India's decision to strip the region of its special status in August brought journalism to a near halt in Kashmir Голос Америки

Modi Says Indian Muslims Had Nothing to Fear in New Law

...or Christians, and accused opposition parties of employing 'vote politics' to win support from Muslims, who are nearly 14% of India's 1.3 billion people...Голос Америки

Pakistan Rebukes India's Modi Over 'War-Mongering' Remarks(2)

Tensions between the two countries remain high over the Kashmir territorial dispute Голос Америки

India's Ruling Party Lawmaker Threatens to Shoot Protesters(2)

Cabinet Union Minister Babul Supriyo distanced the BJP from these comments, calling them 'very irresponsible' on Twitter Голос Америки

India's Top Court Orders Government to Review Kashmir Internet Ban (2)

Kashmir's internet shutdown is the longest-ever in a democracy and has disrupted life in the region of seven million people Голос Америки

Modi Unveils Plan to Tackle Water Shortages in India's Heartland States(2)

India, the world's second-most populous country, faces the worst long-term water crisis in its history as demand outstrips supply Голос Америки

Fire at Warehouse in India's Capital Kills 9(2)

Fire officials say a blaze at a warehouse in India's capital has killed nine people and injured three others...Голос Америки

Backlash to India's New Citizenship Law Poses Challenge to Modi(2)

Critics say the new law is unconstitutional and will marginalize Muslims Голос Америки

India's Supreme Court Delays Hearing Citizenship Law Pleas(2)

India's Supreme Court has postponed hearing pleas challenging the constitutionality of a new citizenship law that has sparked opposition and massive protests across the country Голос Америки

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