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Southern US State Drops Confederate-Themed Flag

Amid international protests over racial injustice, Mississippi was under increasing pressure to lose a symbol that many see as racist...Голос Америки

Increasing election security monitoring with advanced capabilities of cloud computing

The post Increasing election security monitoring with advanced capabilities of cloud computing appeared first on Stories.News Center | News, perspectives and press materials from Microsoft on news and events affecting the company and the tec

China Flights Increasing, but American Carriers Still Left Out

Beijing and Washington are still jockeying over airline service across the Pacific Голос Америки

Risk of Conflict Rising Between 2 Ethiopia Regional Powers, Report Finds

International Crisis Group says tension between Amhara and Tigray, two of Ethiopia's most powerful regions, is increasing as the country approaches elections next year...Голос Америки

Activists: Iraq’s Kurdish Region Becomes Less Safe for Iranian Dissidents(2)

Some experts view growing violence as sign of Iran's increasing sway...Голос Америки

Colombia, Netherlands to Probe TikTok’s Management of Children’s Data(2)

Chinese-owned social media app is estimated to have between 500 million and 1 billion users and has come under increasing scrutiny worldwide...Голос Америки

What is DIV Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery(2)

The Diversity Immigrant Visa (DIV) is a technique for entering the United States and increasing lasting residency through an administration directed lottery...ИнформВест

Georgia coronavirus cases jump to 23

Georgia coronavirus cases jump to 23

Georgia has eight new confirmed cases of COVID-19 increasing the total number of infected individuals to 23.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Health Officials Urge Governments to Ready Coronavirus Response(4)

China reports hundreds more cases, but infections are isolated to one area and increasing at a slower rate...Голос Америки

Afghan Housewives Becoming Entrepreneurs(2)

While increasing numbers of Afghan women are taking part outside their homes, the majority are homemakers.Голос Америки

Ebola Epidemic May Help Africa Dodge the Coronavirus Bullet(4)

WHO is increasing preparations to try to keep Africa free of the deadly coronavirus...Голос Америки

Labeling increases the risk of increasing the volume of unrecorded products - Andrey Shutov(2)

- As for labeling, I can only give this initiative a negative assessment, because I consider it a risk of increasing the volume of unrecorded products. The main task of labeling - in terms of, for example, labeling products with...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Vietnam Explores Increasing Foreign Military Cooperation to Resist China(2)

A defense white paper recommends stepping up military relations with nine other Southeast Asian nations and possibly with China's rival, the United States Голос Америки

Putin Sends His Constitutional Proposals to Parliament(2)

...charge by shifting into the position of head of the State Council or moving into the prime minister's seat after increasing the powers of Parliament and the Cabinet and trimming presidential authority...Голос Америки

UN Faces Many Challenges as it Sets to Commemorate 75th Anniversary(2)

Anniversary comes against a backdrop of resurgent geopolitical tensions, increasing trade disputes and a 'world on fire' due to climate change...Голос Америки

Putin to Visit Istanbul Amid Increasing Differences Over Syria, Libya (2)

Turkey, as a market and transit country for Russian energy, is widely seen as the bedrock of deepening bilateral ties Голос Америки

With Births Down, US Had Slowest Growth Rate in a Century(2)

The past year's population growth rate in the United States was the slowest in a century due to declining births, increasing deaths and the slowdown of international migration...Голос Америки

Cut-Your-Own-Tree Farms Await Christmas(2)

...ready for the next big holiday: Christmas - by going out to get a Christmas tree to decorate. For an increasing number of the 95 million homes in the U.S. that will have a tree, artificial trees are gaining popularity.Голос Америки

WHO: Insecurity, Poor Access Delay End of DR Congo Ebola Outbreak(2)

A big rise in Ebola cases last week in the Mabalako health zone is increasing concerns that the deadly virus could spread to other cities...Голос Америки

UN: Increasing Refugee Population Faces Strained Aid Community(2)

Officials say a clearer understanding of refugee law would help agencies better provide for the growing number of displaced people worldwide Голос Америки

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