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China Locking Down Cities With 18 Million to Stop Virus(2)

Decision aims to contain deadly new virus that has sickened hundreds of people and spread to other parts of the world during busy Lunar New Year travel period...Голос Америки

3 Chinese Cities on Lockdown in Bid to Contain Deadly Virus(2)

Unprecedented effort aimed at containing a new viral illness that has sickened hundreds and spread to other cities and countries in the Lunar New Year travel rush...Голос Америки

Indonesia Considers Repatriating More Than 600 Citizens With Alleged Terror Ties

Government is discussing ways to deal with hundreds of citizens - foreign fighters and their family members - with alleged ties to terrorism who have been detained abroad...Голос Америки

Students from Wuhan Traveling Globally for Holidays

Hundreds of students recently left for countries around the world for winter break Голос Америки

Chinese City Stops Outbound Flights, Trains From Wuhan to Fight Virus

...is shutting down outbound flights and trains as the country battles the spread of a new virus that has sickened hundreds and killed 17...Голос Америки

Burkina Faso mourns death of 36 civilians killed in attack

Burkina Faso mourns death of 36 civilians killed in attack

The bloodshed is part of a surge in violence in the West African country that has killed hundreds. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Brazilian Prosecutors Accuse Glenn Greenwald in Hacking Case

District, Wellington Divino Marques de Oliveira, said the journalist helped a group of six people who hacked into phones of hundreds local authorities...Голос Америки

Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Vows Street Protests on the Way

Nelson Chamisa told hundreds of Movement for Democratic Change party supporters that he will use the protests to push for a 'transitional authority' to...Голос Америки

Hundreds in River 'No-Man's Land' After Mexico Troops Block Way

Migrants have been stranded in a sort of no-man's land on the river border between Guatemala and Mexico after running up against lines of Mexican National Guard Голос Америки

Puerto Rico Protesters Demand Governor's Resignation

Hundreds of demonstrators have gathered outside the seaside governor's mansion in Puerto Rico's capital to demand the US territory's leader resign and to protest the recent discovery of apparently forgotten disaster supplies amid ongoing earthquakes Голос Америки

Davos Bolsters Security as Protesters March Toward Venue

Hundreds of disgruntled protesters against the elite World Economic Forum are marching through the Alpine snows toward its annual gathering in Davos Голос Америки

Dozens of Iraqi Protesters Wounded as Anti-Government Unrest Resumes

Elsewhere in southern Iraq, hundreds of protesters burned tires and blocked main roads in several cities, including Nassiriya, Kerbala and Amara...Голос Америки

Moscow Protesters Remember 2009 Killings of Lawyer and Journalist

Hundreds of Russians are marching in Moscow in a sanctioned rally to mark 11 years since Stanislav Markelov and Anastasa Baburov were gunned down there in broad daylight in 2009 Голос Америки

Displaced Families Await Post-Quake Housing in Puerto Rico

A 6.4 magnitude quake that toppled or damaged hundreds of homes in southwestern Puerto Rico is raising concerns about where displaced families will live...Голос Америки

Amazon's Bezos Announces $1 Billion Investment in India as Small Businesses Protest

Announcement comes as hundreds of small traders protest against the world's biggest online retailer, saying Amazon's business practices are hurting local stores...Голос Америки

Environmental Issues Top Worries for Those Heading to Davos

Citing a survey of hundreds of key decision-makers, the WEF pointed to potentially catastrophic trends like global warming and the extinction of animal species...Голос Америки

US, China Set to Sign Vital Trade Truce Wednesday

Although tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of two-way trade will remain in place, likely at least until after President Donald Trump faces...Голос Америки

Experts: Puerto Rico Not Prepared for Big Earthquakes

A flurry of hundreds of small tremors began hitting Puerto Rico Dec.Голос Америки

For Decades Iranians Have Risen up, Only to be Put Down

...that they will use deadly force against anyone threatening the Islamic Republic, most recently in November, when rights groups say hundreds of people were killed in demonstrations sparked by a hike in gasoline prices...Голос Америки

Hong Kong Demonstrators Cheers On Taiwan

Hundreds of people rallied in Hong Kong Sunday in support of the Chinese territory's pro-democracy movement Голос Америки

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