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Lavrov: There is a document on the negotiating table at the moment suggesting a phased settlement of the Karabakh conflict

...resolutions on the Karabakh conflict. "The resolutions that were adopted are well-known documents. They were adopted in the midst of hostilities and suggested, first of all, the complete cessation of hostilities and the transition to negotiations. These documents confirmed the...Arminfo: Главная

Russian political scientist: Coronavirus determines the current state of the Karabakh conflict

...by the complete impossibility of any accurate forecasting. I personally do not see any prerequisites for the resumption of large-scale hostilities today. the level of events four years ago, "he said. Recall that the four-day war in Artsakh began with...Arminfo: Главная

Foreign Minister: Armenia supports UN call for global ceasefire(2)

Foreign Minister: Armenia supports UN call for global ceasefire

António Guterres had called on warring parties to pull back from hostilities, put aside mistrust and animosity.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

MP: Turkey failed its allies on the Syrian issue, in particular  Russia(2)

Igityan noted that Turkish militancy in Syria could neither lead to intensification of hostilities. Arminfo: Главная

Fighting Disrupts Food Distribution for Thousands in Syria(2)

A recent surge in hostilities disrupted the movement of trucks carrying supplies from Turkey, the UN World Food Program reported...Голос Америки

Nikol Pashinyan: The hospital of the medical police department is not  in demand among employees (2)

...the staff of the structure could receive qualified medical care, "Pashinyan emphasized. As for how useful the hospital is during hostilities, the prime minister said: "It seems to me that during the April 2016 war, this hospital was not useful."...Arminfo: Главная

UN Warns Humanitarian Catastrophe Unfolding in Syria(2)

In the latest escalation of hostilities, civilians are targeted even when trying to escape, UN official says...Голос Америки

UN Security Council Urges Immediate End to Fighting in Yemen(2)

Houthi Shiite rebels and Saudi-led military coalition supporting the government have renewed attacks following a period of reduced hostilities Голос Америки

Why Pakistan Isn’t Taking Sides After Outbreak of US-Iran Conflict(2)

Analysts tell VOA that Pakistan's peace bid is driven by concerns about potential domestic fallout from hostilities between its longtime partners Iran and the US...Голос Америки

Large Kentucky Army Community Reacts to Iran Hostilities(2)

A community around an Army base deals with recent hostilities between the United States and Iran.Голос Америки

Key Events Leading up to US-Iran Confrontation(2)

A timeline of the main events leading up to this week's hostilities Голос Америки

Philippines Orders Evacuation of Filipinos from Iraq, Iran(2)

The Philippine government sending a coast guard vessel to the Middle East to ferry its citizens to safety in case hostilities between the United States and Iran worsen, officials said Wednesday...Голос Америки

Tigran Karapetyan: The main threat to the recurrence of the "April  war" remains the illusion of the Azerbaijani authorities that they  can achieve success by military means(2)

ArmInfo. The best way to prevent war is to arm with equipment and prepare the army for hostilities, Tigran Karapetyan, member of the Standing Committee on Defense and Security, MP from the "My Step" ruling bloc, expressed a...Arminfo: Главная

UN: Civilians Caught in Eastern Ukrainian Conflict (2)

Report finds civilians in conflict-torn eastern Ukraine remain at risk of human rights violations and death despite easing of hostilities between Ukrainian government and Russian-backed rebels in Luhansk and Donetsk regions...Голос Америки

Taliban: Intra-Afghan Talks Only After Troop Withdrawal Deal Signed With US(2)

Taliban says it won't stop hostilities until it gets a foreign troop withdrawal deal with the U.S.Голос Америки

Serzh Sargsyan to be invited for questioning at the second stage of  investigations on the April war of 2016(2)

...and Azerbaijan using heavy equipment and artillery. The armed conflict of three years ago was the most ambitious resumption of hostilities around Nagorno-Karabakh, resulting in serious casualties on both sides. The most intense battles were fought in the southern (Hadrut)...Arminfo: Главная

Azerbaijani Defense Minister expects great efforts from France to  resolve Karabakh conflict(2)

...of the norms and principles of international law, forgetting to indicate that these resolutions were adopted at the time of hostilities and were called upon to stop the fire, and their implementation not intended for the period after 1994-95. At...Arminfo: Главная

Bolivian Protest Leader Arrives in La Paz to Pressure Morales(2)

Hostilities have ramped up since Tuesday night in La Paz and Cochabamba, with clashes between Morales supporters and the opposition Голос Америки

Armenian Defense Minister: Artsakh issue solved(2)

...on this issue, he said in particular: "Of course, the collusion on the part of the enemy was during the hostilities of 2016. However, I exclude collusion on the Armenian side," he noted. At the same time, he positively assessed...Arminfo: Главная

North Korea to US: Don't Ignore Year-End Nuclear Talks Deadline(2)

Pyongyang says there has been no progress in bilateral relations and that hostilities that could lead to an exchange of fire have continued...Голос Америки

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