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The Infodemic: Cuomo's Claim About Nursing Homes and COVID Patients Is False

Fake news about the coronavirus can do real harm. Голос Америки

Quora answers for interior designers in Bangalore(2)

There has always been high demand for interior designers in Bangalore, particularly amongst those who have purchased new homes of their own...ИнформВест

California Wine Country Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Hospital, Hundreds of Homes

It was the second wildfire-related evacuation of the 151-bed hospital in a month Голос Америки

Israelis Mark Yom Kippur Under 'Painful' Virus Lockdown

This year, Israelis have been ordered to stay within 1,000 meters (yards) of their homes throughout the High Holidays, which began last week with the Jewish New Year and continue to mid-October...Голос Америки

Footage of Stepanakert after Azerbaijan's shelling

Shots from Stepanakert, Karabakh's capital, show buildings and interiors of homes damaged in Azerbaijan's fire.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Kurds Warn of Mounting Ethnic Tensions in Iraq

Iraqi Kurdish PM Barzani says in disputed Kirkuk province, Kurdish families are forcibly being evicted from homes, threatening 'peace and stability'...Голос Америки

Hunger Stalks Thousands in Northern Mozambique as Conflict Escalates

Cabo Delgado province faces hunger crisis as escalating conflict forces thousands to flee their homes and abandon their farms...Голос Америки

Millions Newly Displaced by Escalating Conflict, Violence this Year

Group says natural and man-made disasters forced 14.6 million from their homes this year...Голос Америки

Homes Burn as Winds Push California Fire into Desert

Meanwhile, officials were investigating the death of a firefighter on the lines of another Southern California wildfire Голос Америки

Police: Gunmen Kill Seven in Northern Nigeria

Armed gangs regularly raid villages in central and northwestern Nigeria, killing and kidnapping people as well as looting and burning homes Голос Америки

Britain Begins Strict Regional COVID-19 Lockdown

Some residents of England will not be allowed to socialize outside their homes Голос Америки

In Oregon, 500,000 Forced to Flee Wildfires

Along the US West Coast, fires have burned millions of acres, destroyed thousands of homes and left at least 9 dead...Голос Америки

Wildfires Continue in California, Other Western US States

At least three people killed Thursday in California where hundreds of homes have been destroyed...Голос Америки

Deadly Northwest Fires Burn Hundreds of Homes(2)

Thousands of people forced to flee Голос Америки

N. Korea's Kim Orders Thousands to Help Typhoon Recovery

Typhoon Maysak destroyed more than 1,000 homes Голос Америки

US Justice Department Mulling Probe of COVID-19 Deaths at Nursing Homes (2)

...issued at the height of the pandemic by the governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan requiring nursing homes to accept all COVID-19 patients...Голос Америки

Australia Embraces Sweeping Bushfire Resilience Plan (2)

The Black Summer fires killed more than 30 people and destroyed thousands of homes Голос Америки

More than 12,000 Firefighters in California Battling 560 Wildfires(4)

Tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes Голос Америки

At Least 3 Die in Northern California Wildfires(2)

Wildfires threaten tens of thousands of homes Голос Америки

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