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US Starts Sending Asylum-Seekers Across Arizona Border

The US government says it has started sending asylum-seekers back to Nogales, Mexico, to await court hearings Голос Америки

Speaker: Education should become the main engine of development of Armenia

...on December 20 by the chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan at the parliamentary hearings on reforms in the education system and the development of a development strategy for the field. According to him,...Arminfo: Главная

Americans Steadfastly Divided over Impeachment as Vote Nears

Heated public hearings on network television that reached millions of Americans alongside a White House on the defensive have done little to move...Голос Америки

Hearings Open at UN Court Over Myanmar's Rohingya Crackdown

Gambian justice minister urges court to tell Myanmar to 'stop these senseless killings' Голос Америки

Myanmar Leader Suu Kyi Departs for Genocide Hearings Amid Fanfare at Home

Suu Kyi pictured smiling as she walked through airport in nation's capital, Naypyitaw, flanked by officials Голос Америки

Trump Shuns Mounting a Defense in House Impeachment Process

Letter to House Judiciary Committee from president's counsel says 'you should end this inquiry now and not waste even more time with additional hearings' Голос Америки

Myanmar Faces Genocide Hearings at The Hague

Gambia will ask the International Court of Justice to impose 'provisional measures' to protect the Rohingya while the case is heard in full Голос Америки

House Democrats: Trump Abuse of Power Impeachable Offense

Congressional Democrats launched the next step in the impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump Wednesday, hearing testimony from legal scholars on what the U.S. Constitution says about the standards for impeaching and removing a president from...Голос Америки

Impeachment Starts in the House of Representatives

Donald Trump faces a process that could end with his removal as president of the United States. Impeachment hearings underway now in the House of Representatives represent the beginning part of what is prescribed by the U.S. Constitution. In today's...Голос Америки

Deadline Set for Trump to Decide on Role in Impeachment Hearings(2)

He has a week to say whether his legal counsel intends to introduce evidence, call witnesses Голос Америки

Impeachment Process Explained (4)

Donald Trump faces a process that could end with his removal as President of the United States. Impeachment hearings underway now in the House of Representatives are just the start of what is prescribed by the U.S. Constitution. In...Голос Америки

More Impeachment Hearings Possible; Another Democrat Announces Presidential Bid(2)

A top Democrat says emerging evidence could lead to more hearings, as a former New York City mayor joins the fray of candidates making a 2020 White House run...Голос Америки

Congressman Nunes Won't Say Whether He Met With Ukrainian Ex-Prosecutor (2)

The claim is controversial because Nunes did not disclose any such meeting while leading the Republican defense of President Donald Trump during related impeachment inquiry hearings Голос Америки

Immigrants Played Vital Role in Trump Impeachment Hearings(2)

Four key figures in the proceedings are naturalized citizens, two of them children of refugees Голос Америки

US House Vote on Trump Impeachment Likely by Year's End(2)

U.S. House Democrats' public impeachment inquiry hearings provided new details on allegations President Donald Trump pushed Ukraine's president to investigate domestic political rival Joe Biden and his...Голос Америки

Trump Impeachment Hearings Highlight Immigrants' Stories(2)

Many of the House impeachment inquiry witnesses had something in common: They are immigrants Голос Америки

Trump Insists on Exoneration in the Face of Startling, Contradictory Testimony(2)

As current and former administration officials testify during impeachment hearings this week, President Donald Trump and his Republican allies are countering allegations that Trump demanded Ukraine probe his political rival...Голос Америки

Highlights of a Momentous Week of Impeachment Hearings(2)

Nine current and former US officials testified this week before House committees investigating President Trump for possible impeachment Голос Америки

Trump Impeachment Hearings Fuel Democratic President Debate(2)

As VOA National correspondent Jim Malone reports from Washington, the impeachment inquiry targeting President Donald Trump was a key focus of the debate. Голос Америки

Ex-Adviser, Diplomat to Testify in Trump Impeachment Inquiry(2)

Marathon week of impeachment inquiry hearings ends with former White House adviser Fiona Hill and career foreign service officer David Holmes Thursday...Голос Америки

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