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Найдены новые типы Черных дыр, которых ранее не существовало

D. Lin / University of New Hampshire Астрономы при помощи трех космических телескопов нашли один из лучших кандидатов в черные дыры промежуточной массы на сегодняшний день. Русский Еврей

New Hampshire Gov Joins Legal Fight to Keep 'Obamacare'

While he does not believe the law known as "Obamacare" has cut health care costs, Sununu told WMUR-TV that repealing the law without an "adequate replacement" would be harmful to New Hampshire residents Голос Америки

Divisive US Politics Pose Challenges for Political Science Professors(2)

VOA speaks to Jennifer Lucas, who teaches politics at St. Голос Америки

Billionaire Bloomberg Campaign Aims to Unify Splintered Democrats(2)

The results from the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire's primary have raised concerns among some Democrats that no one strong enough to defeat President Donald Trump will emerge from the current field of candidates Голос Америки

After New Hampshire Surge, Klobuchar Turns to Nevada, Beyond(2)

Democratic presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar is hoping her strong third-place finish in New Hampshire will provide enough momentum to be competitive in Nevada and the states that come next Голос Америки

Former Democratic Front-runner Warren Faces Longer Odds After Primary Rout(2)

She placed fourth Tuesday in the New Hampshire primary, trailing the top tier of candidates by more than 10 percentage points Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Candidates Soon to Face More Diverse Electorates(2)

African Americans and Latinos play prominent roles in Nevada and South Carolina, compared with mostly white states of Iowa and New Hampshire Голос Америки

Inside Mike Bloomberg's Big Play for Black Voters(2)

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has been aggressively courting black voters while his rivals have been battling it out in majority-white Iowa and New Hampshire Голос Америки

Sanders Claims Victory in New Hampshire Primary (2)

Pete Buttigieg in second followed by Amy Klobuchar Голос Америки

Sanders Narrowly Defeats Buttigieg in New Hampshire Democratic Primary(2)

Klobuchar gets solid third place; Andrew Yang to drop out of race Голос Америки

New Hampshire Democrats Have Deeply Personal Reasons for Voting(2)

But 8 in 10 say they support anyone who can beat Trump Голос Америки

Polls Closing in New Hampshire, the First 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary (2)

Candidates try to appeal to voters as best opposition to Trump, while president expresses confidence ahead of November vote Голос Америки

Sanders Takes Early Lead in New Hampshire Primary(2)

Sanders leads Buttigieg and Klobuchar; Andrew Yang to drop out of race Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Challengers Seek Momentum in New Hampshire Primary (2)

Candidates try to appeal to voters as best opposition to Trump, while president expresses confidence ahead of November vote Голос Америки

Top Democratic Presidential Challengers Spar A Day Ahead of New Hampshire Primary(2)

Battling for third place are Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and former vice president Joe Biden. Голос Америки

Top Democratic Contenders Spar Ahead of New Hampshire Primary(2)

While Democrats make the case to oppose Trump, the president says a big crowd is gathering for his Monday night rally Голос Америки

Presidential Debates Teach College Students a Lesson (2)

Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, to find out more about the student experienc Голос Америки

New Hampshire Protective of Its First Primary Status(2)

By being first, New Hampshire has a reputation as a king maker --- and king slayer Голос Америки

New Hampshire Voters to Cast Ballots in First in the Nation Primary(2)

Voters drag their feet in making voting decisions Голос Америки

Next Stop in Democratic Primary Contest: New Hampshire(2)

The next formal step in the process to nominate a Democratic challenger to President Trump in November's election happens this week in the eastern US state Голос Америки

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