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Frustration in South Korea as Cost-sharing Talks With US Drag On

Nearly a month after the expiration of a U.S.-South Korea defense cost-sharing agreement, there is growing frustration among South Korean civilians working on U.S. bases, who will soon go unpaid if a deal isn't reached. As VOA’s...Голос Америки

Frustration in South Korea as Cost-Sharing Talks With US Drag on

9,000 South Korean employees could soon be furloughed Голос Америки

Growing Outcry in Ethiopia Over Abducted University Students

Ethiopians are expressing anger and frustration over several university students, most of them female, who remain missing after their kidnapping two months ago...Голос Америки

Scared, Angry and Locked Down, Wuhan Residents Speak Up

'It is hard to imagine the panic, frustration and anger of Wuhan citizens threatened by the virus.'...Голос Америки

Israel's Internal Politics Raise Tensions with Jordan

...prepares Mideast plan, Israeli politicians' contest on how much of the West Bank they will annex is causing anxiety and frustration in Jordan...Голос Америки

Turkish Leader Threatens Action in Libya, Syria

Erdogan vents frustration over looming setbacks in other nations as shortcomings of Moscow cooperation are revealed...Голос Америки

Trends of 2019, forecasts for 2020

Ekaterina Zakharova Leading analyst of the Dairy Intelligence Agency We should start with global trends: 1) Global frustration. The prolonged crisis of international financial and political institutions, the growth of protectionism, the crisis of traditional political forces and...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Namibia President Takes Lead in Partial Election Results

The southwestern African country held its sixth presidential and parliamentary elections on Wednesday amid economic woes and growing frustration against the regime...Голос Америки

Middle East Protests: Why Now and to What End?(2)

Analysts say uprisings in Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria seem unrelated, but the frustration that drives them is spreading...Голос Америки

US Calls Its Ambassador to South Sudan Back to Washington

US calls its ambassador to South Sudan back to Washington amid frustration over peace deal...Голос Америки

Bangladesh Rohingya Island Relocation 'Uncertain' after UN Doubts

...to begin its long-held plan this month to move 100,000 people to the mud-silt island of Bhashan Char, amid growing frustration with the presence of the squalid tent settlements in its southeastern border towns...Голос Америки

On Eve of Brexit Summit, Northern Ireland Rejects Johnson's Compromise(2)

Johnson and EU counterparts converge on Brussels for a summit they hope will finally lay to rest the acrimony and frustration of a three-year divorce fight...Голос Америки

Brexit Deal Uncertain After Northern Ireland Rejects Johnson's Plan(2)

Johnson and EU counterparts converge on Brussels for a summit they hope will finally lay to rest the acrimony and frustration of a three-year divorce fight...Голос Америки

In Peru, Political Upheaval Fuels Long-Simmering Frustration(2)

...upper hand in his standoff with defiant legislators over his order to dissolve the opposition-controlled congress amid the public's long-simmering frustration over corruption...Голос Америки

Trump Says He Will Likely Sue Some People Who Were Involved in Mueller Probe(2)

President did not name names but has long expressed frustration at some of the central figures in the investigation into whether he or his 2016 election campaign colluded with Russia...Голос Америки

With 30% of Electorate, Afghan Women Become Evermore Important(4)

Gallup poll shows nearly half of Afghan women feel so dissatisfied with their lives, many of them are showing their frustration by deciding not to vote...Голос Америки

Trump Marks His 3rd 9/11 Anniversary With War Still Raging(2)

President weighted by growing frustration about what he calls the 'endless war' in Afghanistan, where al-Qaida conceived the deadly 2001 attacks...Голос Америки

US Farmers Push for United States, Canada, Mexico Trade Agreement(2)

Congress to ratify the agreement is a source of frustration for U.S. farmers.Голос Америки

Trump Administration Weakens US Wildlife Protections; States, Conservationists to Sue(2)

...extinction species such as bald eagles, gray whales and grizzly bears, but the law has long been a source of frustration for drilling and mining companies...Голос Америки

Science finds "frustration neurons" in the brain(6)

Science finds "frustration neurons" in the brain

What if you found out that this feeling of depletion is really just another thing our brain does to keep its chemical symphony in tune? Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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