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Canceled Flights Strand 25 Easter Islanders for 6 Months

For six months now, group has been stranded far across vast stretch of ocean on Tahiti in French Polynesia...Голос Америки

French mayor addresses threats of Azerbaijanis over Karabakh flag

Mourier said she is receiving threats not only from the Azerbaijani dictator, but also Baku's allies from Turkey. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Fresnel Lenses and its Uses

Fresnel lens is a high-quality composite compact lens that was originally developed and named after a French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel, to be used in lighthouses.ИнформВест

Virus Clusters at French Universities Give Europe a Lesson

At least a dozen virus clusters have emerged at overcrowded French universities since campuses and classrooms starting reopening this month...Голос Америки

French PM: No New Lockdown Despite COVID-19 Surge

Jean Castex acknowledged the situation has gotten worse but only urged citizens to practice social distancing and wear masks Голос Америки

Mali's New Leadership Raises Questions About French Counterinsurgency Mission

Mali's coup has left France and others operating on uncertain ground in the Sahel Голос Америки

French-Armenian school of Valence welcomes first students

French-Armenian school of Valence welcomes first students

The school consists of two kindergarten sections where the first eight students have already started their education. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Форвард «Байера» Фолланд перешёл в «Монако»

12:44 — REGNUM Футбольный клуб «Монако» подписал контракт с нападающим леверкузенского «Байера» Кевином Фолландом. Об этом 2 сентября сообщает Get French Football News. Отмечается, что контракт «Монако» с 28-летним немецким форвардом рассчитан на четыре года. В 2016...Новости - главные новости России, СНГ и мира - лента новостей ИА REGNUM

Macron to Lebanon's Leaders: Make Changes in 3 Months or Face Sanctions

French president visits troubled Mediterranean country and former French protectorate for second time in less than a month...Голос Америки

French Armenian helmer: Artsakh movie seeks to make voiceless people of 'ghost country' heard

French Armenian helmer: Artsakh movie seeks to make voiceless people of

French Armenian filmmaker Arnaud Khayadjanian won the AAFCCJ Award For The Best Diaspora Director in Armenian Panorama program of the 15th Golden Apricot Film Festival this summer. The director received the honor for his take on Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) with...Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

French Connection: «Домашняя коллекция будет выпущена!».

Ведь всем известно, что уютную обстановку создает не только домашняя мужская обувь или теплый халат, но и комфортные интерьерные решения. French Connection в сотрудничестве с ирландским дизайнером интерьеров Lorraine Brennan переводят бренд на новую ступень развития, планируя выпуск керамики, мебели,...Интернет магазин одежды Artaban.ru

France reports biggest daily jump in new Covid cases since March

France reports biggest daily jump in new Covid cases since March

The daily increase in cases has tripled in less than a week, according to French health authorities.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

В презентации AG French Direct примут участие более 30 игровых студий

ActuGaming 26 августа проведет презентацию AG French Direct, в которой примет участие множество игровых студий.Читать дальше →...Новости компьютерных игр: свежие игровые новости, обзоры, видео, п

French, German Leaders Meet to Discuss EU Economy, Other Issues

Macron, Merkel, meet at French presidential retreat on the Riviera...Голос Америки

Gunfire Reported at Mali Military Camp, Possible Mutiny Under Way

VOA's French to Africa service says gunshots were heard Tuesday the military camp in Kati, about 15 kilometers northwest of Bamako...Голос Америки

As Britain Deploys Navy, Brexit Complicates Boat Migrant Crisis

British, French ministers meet in Paris for urgent talks...Голос Америки

France Investigates Killings of French, Nigerien Workers in Niger

Aid workers were attacked as they drove through a giraffe reserve Голос Америки

6 French Aid Workers Among 8 Killed by Gunmen in Niger

The six worked for an international aid group; they and their local guide and driver were killed Sunday by gunmen riding motorcycles in an area of southwestern Niger Голос Америки

French President Hosts International Conference to Raise Funds for Lebanon

Protesters clash with police, demand political leaders resign days after deadly explosion Голос Америки

US Delivering Critical Emergency Aid to Lebanon

UN, French, Russian rescue workers searched the port area of Beirut for survivors from the blast, French and Russian rescue teams with dogs also searched the area on Friday.Голос Америки

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