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Pakistani Military Vulnerable to Extremist Infiltration, Experts Warn

Recent publication by an al-Qaida militant group about a retired Pakistani three-star general joining its ranks has renewed debate about the influence of Islamist militants in the country's military Голос Америки

Will the Recapture of Syria's Idlib Affect Islamic State?

A recent report published by the UN Security Council said the Syrian province remains dominated by extremist groups affiliated with al-Qaida and the Islamic State terror groups...Голос Америки

ICC Judges OK Trial for Alleged Islamic Extremist from Mali

The decision clears the way for the trial of Al Hassan Ag Abdoul Aziz Ag Mohamed Ag Mahmoud to start later this year for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in Timbuktu, including torture, rape and persecution Голос Америки

6 Dead, Including 4 Residents, After Extremist Raid in Kenya(2)

Since December the group has increased attacks inside Kenya Голос Америки

New US-Iran Tensions Boon for IS, Other Extremist Groups(2)

The US-led counter-IS coalition in Iraq and Syria said in a statement Sunday that it had temporarily stopped all of its attacks on IS and training of local forces Голос Америки

Niger Army Chief Fired After 89 Killed in Extremist Attack(2)

Gen. Ahmed Mohamed will be replaced by Brig-Gen. Salifou Modi, who was the military attache for Niger in Germany, the presidential statement said Monday Голос Америки

Minnesota Men Who Joined al-Shabab Now Remorseful(2)

Two defectors tell VOA they came to disagree with group's 'extremist, rigid views'...Голос Америки

US Military Chief in Africa Argues for Vital US Presence(2)

General Stephen J. Townsend says strategic partnerships in combating a growing extremist threat and assertive Chinese and Russian influence cannot be sacrificed...Голос Америки

Minorities in Pakistan Wait as Hard-Line Islamic Cleric Indicted  (2)

Anti-Terrorism Court in Pakistan's Punjab province formally charged Khadim Hussain Rizvi, leader of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan, an extremist political party, but has not yet given a date for its final ruling...Голос Америки

Algerians Are Choosing a New President in Contentious Poll(2)

...chart a new era for the gas-rich North African nation that is a strategic partner of the West in countering extremist violence...Голос Америки

Man Who Subdued Last Month's London Bridge Attacker Identified(2)

The mysterious hero who used a narwhal tusk against the extremist has been identified as a British civil servant...Голос Америки

Al-Shabab Extremist Attack on Somali Base Kills 3 Soldiers(2)

The assault on the Gofgadud base in the Bay region by the al-Qaida-affiliated extremist group marks the latest setback for Somalia's army...Голос Америки

Report: Ethnic, Racial Terrorism on Rise Around the World     (2)

US State Department is mobilizing global partners to combat extremist organizations...Голос Америки

Saudi Promo Video Labels Feminism, Atheism, Homosexuality as Extremist Ideas(2)

Under Saudi law, supporting groups classified as extremist organizations can lead to imprisonment...Голос Америки

Al-Qaida Gaining Strength as World's Focus Remains on IS(2)

Experts say terror group has been seeking to establish more ties with local extremist groups, particularly in some parts of Africa and the Middle East...Голос Америки

In Kostroma, police officer fined the deceased resident of Sharya for public drinking for three times(2)

...disrupted the presentation of the moloko plus almanac after a statement received from citizen Mikhail Sobolev, who reported calls for extremist activity during the presentation. A few days after the statement, the police inspector who conducted the inspection wrote a...Журнал 7х7

UN Warns of Mounting Humanitarian Crisis in Africa's Sahel(2)

UN says a humanitarian crisis is growing in West Africa's arid Sahel region where insecurity linked to growing extremist attacks has forced more than 860,000 people in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger to flee their homes...Голос Америки

Europol Goes After IS Propaganda Online(2)

...on propaganda videos and social media accounts that glorify terrorism and extremism in an effort to limit the space for extremist groups to recruit people online...Голос Америки

IS Victims See Satisfaction But No Closure in Leader's Death(2)

Survivors and families of the victims of the deadly 2015 extremist attacks around Paris say they are relieved at the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi but warn that...Голос Америки

Baghdadi: A Legacy of Terror(2)

...fallout might be. Join Greta and VOA Pentagon Correspondent Carla Babb (@CarlaBabbVOA); VOA National Security correspondent Jeff Seldin (@jseldin); VOA Extremist Watch Desk reporter Hasib Alikozai (@Alikozai86); and retired Major General Robert Scales. Aired October 30, 2019.Голос Америки

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