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Bosnians Protest Mass in Sarajevo for Nazi-Allied Soldiers

Mass in Sarajevo provokes strong backlash in country where memory of ethnic war in 1990s is still fresh...Голос Америки

UN: South Sudanese Civilians Deliberately Starved Along Ethnic Lines

UN Commission accuses South Sudanese warring parties of deliberately starving their population as a tactic of war Голос Америки

Projection: Swiss Back New Law against Homophobia

The new law will widen existing legislation against discrimination or incitement to hatred on ethnic or religious grounds to include sexual orientation...Голос Америки

Ethnic Clashes in Kazakhstan Leave at Least 8 Dead as Villagers Brawl, Torch Houses

Clashes, which erupted overnight Saturday, were some of the worst ethnic violence in years in the Zhambyl region, located about 130 kilometers west of Kazakhstan's commercial capital, Almaty...Голос Америки

Overnight Brawl in Kazakhstan Leaves 8 Dead, Scores Wounded

The area is home to many members of the Dungan minority group, Muslims of Chinese ethnic origin; a full investigation has been urged...Голос Америки

Iraq Protests: A View From 4 Diverse Cities

Iraqi activists transcend geographic, ethnic and religious differences in their support of anti-establishment demonstrations...Голос Америки

Iraq Garment Factory Fosters Multi-Ethnic Female Workforce(2)

Dubbed 'Small Iraq' due to its diversity, the factory is seen as a mark of progress but is not without issues Голос Америки

As US Eyes Drawdown, Violence Rattles Sahel Region(2)

As African region battles extremism, trafficking and ethnic violence, countries ask for help from the US and European allies...Голос Америки

China Targets Foreign Nationals of Uighur Origin(2)

VOA interviewed several ethnic Uighurs of different nationalities who said they or their family members faced detention upon arriving in China...Голос Америки

'Joker' Leads Oscar Nods with 11 as Women Miss out(2)

...book tale 'Joker' topped the Oscar nominations, picking up 11 nods including best picture and best director, as women and ethnic minorities were largely shut out once again...Голос Америки

Ethnic Violence in DR Congo Triggers Possible Crimes Against Humanity(2)

U.N. accuses members of the Lendu community of mass violations against the Hema community Голос Америки

Sudanese Military Plane Crashes in West Darfur, 16 Killed(2)

...killed when the plane went down Thursday evening in the restive region of West Darfur, which has recently witnessed deadly ethnic clashes...Голос Америки

More Than 20 Dead, Many Displaced AfterViolence in Sudan's West Darfur(2)

29-30 following a dispute between Arab and African ethnic groups, said UNAMID...Голос Америки

The light in the world of darkness(2)

The geographical position of Azerbaijan and ethnic structure...ИА "The First News"

Sudan Opens Darfur Crimes Probe Against Bashir Regime Figures(2)

The conflict between pro-government forces and ethnic minority rebels left around 300,000 people dead and 2.5 million displaced, according to the United Nations...Голос Америки

US: China Targets Uighur Mosques to Eradicate Minority's Faith(2)

An estimated 13 million ethnic Uighurs and other Turkic Muslim minorities are believed to live in China's northwestern Xinjiang region, targeted by Beijing's campaign...Голос Америки

Rwandan Mayor Kept Genocide’s Bloodshed at Bay(2)

During the Rwandan genocide in 1994, some 800,000 people – primarily ethnic Tutsis – died at the hands of ethnic Hutus. Blood flowed throughout the central African country – though less so in one remote northern town. VOA’s Edward Rwema...Голос Америки

Report: State Department Employee Wrongly Removed from Job(2)

Inspector General has found that an employee working on Iranian policy was improperly removed from her post because of her ethnic background and perceived political views...Голос Америки

Aiming at Olympic Boom, Japan Builds 'Ethnic Harmony' Tribute to Indigenous Ainu(2)

At a cost so far of $220 million, Japan's 'Symbolic Space for Ethnic Harmon' is on track to open in time for the 2020 Olympics...Голос Америки

Report: Ethnic, Racial Terrorism on Rise Around the World     (2)

US State Department is mobilizing global partners to combat extremist organizations Голос Америки

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