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Growing Outcry in Ethiopia Over Abducted University Students

Ethiopians are expressing anger and frustration over several university students, most of them female, who remain missing after their kidnapping two months ago Голос Америки

Death Toll up to 10 in Ethiopia Platform Collapse;

The collapse of wooden platform occurred inside the Emperor Fasilides Bath in the city where several thousand Ethiopians and tourists attended the celebration commemorating the baptism of Jesus...Голос Америки

Ethiopians Look for Love During Orthodox Epiphany Celebration

It is far from the only Ethiopian love story closely bound up with Timkat, which Orthodox Christians celebrate with feasts and elaborate processions across the country...Голос Америки

African Migrants Evacuated from Libya Tell Horror Stories

...the dangerous journey to Europe, despite the abuse they encountered in Libya.  The 189 migrants, mostly Eritreans but also Somalis, Ethiopians, and Sudanese, were brought to Rwanda after a September agreement with the African Union.  Rwanda has agreed to host...Голос Америки

Ethiopians in Kenya Happy for Abiy's Nobel Prize

Ethiopians in the neighboring country want their leader to stabilize and unite his nation Голос Америки

Ethiopia plants more than 350 million trees in a single day(4)

Ethiopia plants more than 350 million trees in a single day

Ethiopians have planted more than 350 million trees in a single day as part of a campaign to fight deforestation. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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