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Первый снег парализовал Францию (Видео)

Первый снег парализовал Францию (Видео)

кабель из-за большого количества снега. Жители домов были эвакуированы. VIDEO: Heavy snowfall in southeast France has deprived 300,000 households of electricity, mainly in the departments of Drôme, Ardèche, Isère and Rhône. The depth of snow in #SaintEtienne reached 15 cm.Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Armenia and Iran discussed progress in implementing joint agreements

...to counter US sanctions and further relations between Tehran and Yerevan. Pointing to projects for the export of gas and electricity from Iran to Armenia and the interim agreement of Iran and the EAEU on the establishment of a free...Arminfo: Главная

Horse Manure Transformed to Heat and Light

They are taking more than 100 tons of waste from hundreds of horses and converting it to electricity. Голос Америки

Fenner Wind Farm's Lessons on the Growing Power of Renewable Energy(2)

York in early 2002, it was the largest in the United States. Today it's still up and running and providing electricity for thousands of homes. It also serves as a teaching tool about renewable energy. Dmitrii Vershinin visited the farm...Голос Америки

In California Fires, Thousands Evacuate, Millions Under Blackouts(2)

...evacuation orders and warnings for nearly all of Sonoma County stretching to the coast, and prompted officials to start cutting electricity for millions...Голос Америки

IEA: Reaping Offshore Wind Could Become $1 Trillion Industry(2)

Power generated from wind turbines at sea only accounts for 0.3% of global electricity generation today...Голос Америки

P&G закупает 100% возобновляемую электроэнергию в США, Канаде и Западной Европе. - пресс-релиз на pr.adcontext.net(2)

закупке 100% возобновляемой электроэнергии во всём мире к 2030 году.Данное информационное сообщение содержит мультимедийные материалы. Посмотреть полный пресс-релиз можно здесь: https://us.pg.com/blogs/pg-purchases-renewable-electricity.О Procter & GambleP&G обслуживает потребителей по всему миру, имея один из самых сильных портфелей надёжных и качественных ведущих брендов,...PR - это жизнь

Red Cross Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Bosnian Camp(2)

Camp reportedly has no running water, no electricity, no usable toilets, and leaking overcrowded tents; currently there are 700 people living there...Голос Америки

Soyuzmoloko made a proposal to reduce the cost of electricity for the industry(2)

...considers it extremely important to initiate the development of a regulatory legal act providing the establishment of preferential tariffs for electricity for agricultural producers and processors. This could be done through picking out a separate subgroup of "agricultural producers" from...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Ghana Loses $190 Million US Grant Over Cancelled Power Contract(2)

...the United States under Power Africa, which was launched in 2013 by then president Barack Obama and aims to bring electricity to tens of millions of households in Africa...Голос Америки

Приглашаем к работе в новой рабочей группе Исследовательского комитета СИГРЭ C4(2)

1. О создании в рамках исследовательского комитета (SC): C4 - новой рабочей группы (WG) TOR-WG C4.59_Real-time Lightning Protection of the Electricity Supply Systems of the Future. 2. С общей информацией, формами и...Проект Русский Кабель (RusCable.Ru)

Aid Workers Tell of Turkey's 'Barbaric' Actions in Syria(2)

Members of the Red Crescent say the Turkish army's attack left a hospital without electricity, but they were able to get access and transport the wounded to the Farman hospital in the city of Qamishli.Голос Америки

Naghdalyan: Armenia expresses condolences and support to Japan in  connection with typhoon "Hagibis"(2)

...drain the flooded areas. At least 100 thousand houses in 13 Japanese prefectures affected by typhoon Hyagibis are left without electricity. The Russian embassy in Japan urged citizens to avoid traveling to Tokyo due to the typhoon.Arminfo: Главная

California Power Outages Ease, First Linked Death Reported(2)

The lights were back on Friday for many of the nearly 2 million Northern California residents who lost electricity when Pacific Gas & Electric switched it off this week to try to prevent wildfires, as the first death linked...Голос Америки

State Minister: Despite hostile policy of Azerbaijan, Artsakh economy  continues to develop steadily(2)

Since 2018 Artsakh exports electricity, becoming a self-sufficient state.Arminfo: Главная

California Utility Faces Gripes Over Deliberate Blackouts(2)

Even with the winds kicking up dangerously, California's biggest utility is facing complaints for shutting off electricity to millions of people to prevent its equipment from sparking wildfires...Голос Америки

For Californians, Waiting for the Power to Go Off to Avert Wildfires(2)

...are playing a waiting game – waiting for the power to go out. The region’s power company is cutting off electricity to reduce the risk of forest wildfires. Residents are being told to prepare. Michelle Quinn went to one town...Голос Америки

Ценовые ограничения на рынке электроэнергии должны быть отменены, - Еврокомиссия(2)

быть постепенно отменены, чтобы развивать конкуренцию. Об этом заявил глава Секретариата Энергетического Сообщества Янез Копач в интервью для издания ExPro Electricity. Об этом пишут Украинские Новости.Янез Копач отметил, что...подробнее...Новости Украины и мира сегодня. Новости дня - bigmir)net

In Zimbabwe, Price of Electricity Shoots Up 320%(2)

African country continues downward spiral into the worst economic crisis in more than a decade Голос Америки

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