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Black Democrats Hold Sway in SC Presidential Primary

Presidential contenders vie for African American support, which has been critical for success in recent elections Голос Америки

Tanzania Threatens to Block Unregistered SIM Cards(2)

Tanzania mobile phone users decry deadline; opposition politicians concerned about effect on elections Голос Америки

Taiwan Elections Belie Notion of 'Asian Value,' Says Analyst

Taiwan's top representative in Washington tells VOA he is "optimistic but … realistic" about the future of U.S.-Taiwan relations Голос Америки

Booker Ends Presidential Bid After Polling, Money Struggles

Cory Booker's exit now narrows to twelve the field of Democratic candidates aiming to unseat Trump in November elections Голос Америки

Taiwanese Go to Polls to Pick President in Elections Guided by Fears About China

Voters lined up in an early sign of strong turnout in a presidential election that will chart the future of the island's relations with China Голос Америки

European Parliament won't observe Azerbaijan elections

European Parliament won

None of its members or bodies have been mandated to observe or comment on the electoral process in Azerbaijan. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Taiwan to China: Don't Read Too Much into Election Results

China should not see a victory or a defeat in how elections play out Saturday, Joseph Wu said...Голос Америки

Taiwan's Anti-Infiltration Bill Sends Relations with China to New Low

Legislators passed a law Tuesday that allows fines for influencing elections, spreading fake news and making certain political contributions from outside Taiwan...Голос Америки

EU Delegation head VS Armenian authorities

EU Delegation head VS Armenian authorities

June 15, 2017, the head of the European Union Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Switalski, announced that the recent parliamentary elections "were not perfect.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

14 Troops Killed in Ambush in Western Niger

...had been escorting a team to carry out voter registration in the district of Sanam ahead of presidential and legislative elections due in late 2020...Голос Америки

Election Officials Learn Military Mindset Ahead of 2020 Vote

State and local officials are on the front lines of defending U.S. elections from foreign tampering...Голос Америки

Politician: People in power have changed in Armenia, but not the systems

ArmInfo.Extraordinary parliamentary elections in Armenia can be held only as a result of the emergence of geopolitical force majeure, or the desire of...Arminfo: Главная

US Urges Free Elections in Venezuela Ahead of Jan 5 Poll

US officials also are urging authorities to 'unconditionally release' all persons being detained for political reasons Голос Америки

Political Coverage Row Puts BBC Funding Under Threat

Britain's new government is taking aim at the broadcaster, accusing it of bias in reporting the recent elections that gave Prime Minister Boris Johnson a sweeping mandate...Голос Америки

The son of the second president does not exclude the possibility of establishing a political party

...talk about it," Levon Kocharian stated. To recall, in his latest interview, Robert Kocharyan expressed confidence that next year extraordinary elections will be held in the country.Arminfo: Главная

Cameroon Separatists Kidnap Candidates to Protest Election

...fighters in western Cameroon have abducted at least 40 candidates for parliament and local councils, in an effort to derail elections set for February...Голос Америки

China's Xi: Hong Kong Had Its 'Grimmest' Year Since Handover

Lam briefed Xi and Premier Li Keqiang during her first visit to Beijing since pro-democracy candidates swept local Hong Kong elections last month in a clear rebuke of her administration...Голос Америки

"Ramkavar Azatakan" party will support Masis Mayilyan's candidacy in presidential elections in Artsakh

...next meeting of the republican party administration, it was decided to support the candidacy of Masis Mayilyan in the presidential elections in Karabakh in spring 2020. This decision was made taking into account Mayilyan's many years of experience in the...Arminfo: Главная

Judge: 234K Wisconsin Voter Registrations Should be Tossed

The judge sided with three voters represented by a conservative law firm who argued the state elections commission should have immediately deactivated any of the roughly 234,000 voters who didn't respond to an October mailing within 30...Голос Америки

Israel to hold Knesset elections on March 2

Israel to hold Knesset elections on March 2

Israeli lawmakers passed overnight a bill to hold the third parliamentary election on March 2, 2020. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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