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US Democrats Squabble Over Lessons of UK Election

Moderate US Democrats say Britain's Labour Party lost UK election because it strayed too far left...Голос Америки

UK Opposition Chief Corbyn 'Sorry' for Election Wipeout

But the veteran socialist defended his far-left platform and blamed the media for helping relegate his century-old party to its worst performance since before World War II Голос Америки

Thousands Join Biggest Protest for Years in Thai Capital

Thai election panel asked cort to dissolve the Future Forward party, accusing it of infringing the laws on political parties by accepting...Голос Америки

'Let The Healing Begin,' British Prime Minister Says After Election

Britain "deserves a break from wrangling, a break from politics and a permanent break from talking about Brexit," British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday Голос Америки

Algeria's Electoral Commission Proclaims Former PM Tebboune Winner of Presidential Election

Friday protests draw large crowds in the capital despite Tebboune's election Голос Америки

Playing Down Impeachment, Trump Campaign Voices Confidence

President Donald Trump's campaign is shrugging off the cloud of impending impeachment less than a year from Election Day...Голос Америки

Canadian Opposition Conservative Leader Resigns

Canada's opposition Conservative leader says he's resigning as party leader after weeks of infighting and a disappointing performance in October's general election Голос Америки

Observers: Presidential Election Turnout Fairly Low in Algeria as Popular Protests Continue

Social media report scattered violence in several regions as many young people boycott polls Голос Америки

Israelis Gird for Unprecedented Third Election in a Year

Country's largest political parties are at an impasse, unable to form a coalition that would allow them to govern Голос Америки

Future of Brexit at Stake in Britain Election

More than three years after a referendum calling for Britain's exit from the EU, top prime minister candidates have different plans for how to proceed Голос Америки

Israel to hold Knesset elections on March 2

Israel to hold Knesset elections on March 2

Israeli lawmakers passed overnight a bill to hold the third parliamentary election on March 2, 2020.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Will Boris Johnson's Early Election Gamble Pay Off?

Most polls give the Conservatives a 10% lead over the Labor Party, but the race appears to be tightening, and few pollsters are ready to hazard a firm prediction Голос Америки

US to Enhance Cybersecurity Ahead of Elections

Election officials and lawmakers look to protect the 2020 vote from foreign manipulation Голос Америки

Algeria Election May Bring New Era or Continued Protests

At stake in the election is whether Africa's largest country, rich with oil and gas and a strategic partner of the West in countering terrorism...Голос Америки

Polls Show Steep Fall In Conservative Support Ahead of British General Election

Conservative critics urge tactical voting to oust Prime Minister Boris Johnson Голос Америки

Israel Heading Toward Another Election

Leading parties have been unable to form a governing coalition after two elections this year Голос Америки

Turkey's meddling in election "may lead to end of Armenian Patriarchate"


Paylan considered the attempt an intervention into the Armenian community's own religious freedoms. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Britain Set for Crunch Election, But Brexit Agony Will Likely Continue

Political leaders making a final push for votes ahead of Thursday's general election, which has been dominated by the issue of Britain's exit from the European Union...Голос Америки

IG Report: FBI Was Justified in Opening Russia Probe

But the report also sharply criticized the FBI for its handling of a court authorized surveillance of a former Trump campaign advisor during its probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election Голос Америки

Britain's Spies Probe Russian Election Meddling

Britain's cybersecurity agency is investigating whether state-sponsored Russian hackers were behind leaks of British government documents used by opposition politicians to embarrass Boris Johnson's ruling Conservatives ahead of Thursday's general election Голос Америки

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