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Economic Analysts Question South Sudan's Large Loans

South Sudan's council of ministers approved $88 million in loans to pay off outstanding internal debt, but local economists warn hefty loans won't solve crisis...Голос Америки

European Leaders Fear Economic Impact of Coronavirus Will Fuel Migration

European officials are urging greater development aid but economists say foreign aid not a short-term panacea...Голос Америки

Economists Urge New Economic System for South Sudan

UN investigators say larger problem is pervasive corruption Голос Америки

Wikipedia edits have massive impact on tourism - economists

Most of the content added was simply translated over from the Spanish Wikipedia into other languages. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

AP Explains: US Debt Will Soon Exceed Size of Entire Economy

...federal debt is forecast to exceed the size of the entire American economy for the first time since 1946; most economists consider the money well-spent, or at least necessary...Голос Америки

Lebanon Still Facing Financial Crisis, One Month After Massive Explosion

Serious banking reforms, capital controls, limits on Hezbollah's border and customs controls needed, economists warn...Голос Америки

US Claims for Unemployment Benefits Ease

Millions of workers remain unemployed, although economists are predicting that jobless rate for August could dip slightly below 10%...Голос Америки

US Weekly Unemployment Claims Drop Below 1 Million for Second Time Since March

Millions of workers remain unemployed, although economists are predicting that jobless rate for August could dip slightly below 10%...Голос Америки

COVID-19 Plunges Australia Into First Recession Since 1991

Seven-point-five percent contraction in the second quarter worse than economists had predicted, and new wave of infections points to a delayed recovery...Голос Америки

COVID-19 Spells Trouble For Europe's Pensions, and Skyscrapers(2)

Economists say pensions funds have billions of dollars invested in commercial property, seen before the pandemic as a safe long-term bet Голос Америки

Eurozone Economy Suffers Record Drop During Lockdown Months (2)

Economists say worst of downturn is past as many restrictions have eased, but recovery will be drawn out and vulnerable to renewed virus outbreaks Голос Америки

Reuters: Most Economists Expect Slow Post-COVID Recovery

Only a fraction polled by the news agency predicts a rapid comeback Голос Америки

Vladimir Surovtsev: reduced demand will be observed for dairy products with added value

...also decrease for a number of food products. - Macroeconomic factors can have an even more significant impact. Many well-known economists write about their impact on the economy. The most difficult situation will be on farms and at dairy processing...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Economists Call for Restructuring Lebanon's Public Debt

Lebanon is engulfed in crippling financial crisis as government seeks support from International Monetary Fund technical delegation visiting the country Голос Америки

Coronavirus Strikes Tourism, Factories, Consumption around Southeast Asia

Economists expect tourism to dry up in early 2020 and say factories will struggle to get raw materials from China Голос Америки

British Officials Plan for Coronavirus, as Economists Divided on Impact

British officials are adapting plans drawn up in readiness for a no-deal Brexit amid rising fears that China will have to close more cities and shutter factories as the coronavirus spreads Голос Америки

India Announces Measures to Revive Sputtering Economy

Economists warn that a quick turnaround is unlikely Голос Америки

US Economy Grew at Moderate 2.1% Rate in 4th Quarter(2)

Economists look for even slower growth in 2020 of around 1.8% Голос Америки

Residents Cope, Flee as Coronavirus Locks Down China's Wuhan(2)

...impact on local retail, tourism-related and transportation sectors will be imminent shall Chinese authorities fail to soon contain the outbreak, economists say...Голос Америки

'Cautious Optimism' on Phase One Trade Deal Between US and China(4)

 While economists believe China this year will see its slowest economic growth in 30 years one farmer observes China still needs U.S.Голос Америки

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