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WHO Investigating Sexual Abuse Allegations in Congo Ebola Response

A report finds that members of eight emergency response organizations sexually exploited at least 51 women Голос Америки

DRC, Congo Face Risk of Ebola Spreading Across Border

Collaboration between countries more important than ever to prevent virus from spreading from DRC's Equateur province, WHO says Голос Америки

Ebola Spreading Rapidly in DR Congo's Equateur Province(2)

Ebola has infected 100 people in fewer than 100 days, killing nearly half of those who have contracted the highly contagious disease Голос Америки

WHO: Congo Facing Growing Ebola Crisis (2)

WHO director-general says 86 cases have been confirmed in Equateur province Голос Америки

COVID-19 and Funding Shortfall Hamper Ebola Operation in DR Congo’s Equateur Province(2)

Despite challenges, vaccination program reaches thousands Голос Америки

Latest Ebola Outbreak in Western DRC Eclipses 2018(2)

Twenty-eight of 56 confirmed cases have been reported in last three weeks Голос Америки

Congo Announces End to Its Second Deadliest Ebola Outbreak(2)

The virus killed 2,280 in eastern Congo during the nearly two-year crisis Голос Америки

WHO Expects to Quickly Tackle DR Congo’s New Ebola Outbreak(2)

WHO says lessons from previous outbreaks and effective therapeutics will bring a timely end to a new outbreak in Equateur Province Голос Америки

UN Provides $40 Million in Response to New Ebola Outbreak, Other Emergencies in DR Congo (2)

The DRC is battling a dangerous mix of health and humanitarian crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic with little international support Голос Америки

WHO Confirms New Ebola Outbreak in Northwest DRC (2)

Second outbreak in the country involves six cases, four deaths Голос Америки

How COVID-19 compares to Spanish flu, SARS and Ebola

How COVID-19 compares to Spanish flu, SARS and Ebola

The Spanish flu epidemic of March 1918 was the deadliest flu season, infecting about one-third of the world's population. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

WHO Warns It is Running Out of Money to Tackle Ebola Epidemic in DRC(2)

WHO is urgently appealing for $40 million to salvage its operation to bring the Ebola epidemic to an end in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Голос Америки

Ebola Drug Being Tested in Wuhan as Treatment for Coronavirus(2)

Doctors hope to know by May 1 whether US-developed remdesivir is safe and effective against COVID-19 Голос Америки

Ebola in Eastern DRC Remains Global Health Threat(2)

WHO's Tedros warns as long as there is a single case of Ebola in an area as insecure and unstable as eastern DRC, the potential remains for a much larger epidemic Голос Америки

Ebola Epidemic May Help Africa Dodge the Coronavirus Bullet(4)

WHO is increasing preparations to try to keep Africa free of the deadly coronavirus Голос Америки

Africa Starts 2020 Battling Extremism, Ebola and Hunger (2)

A tragic airline crash with far-reaching consequences, cataclysmic cyclones that may be a harbinger of the future, the death of an African icon and the rise of a new leader who won the Nobel Peace Prize Голос Америки

Monitoring Agency: DRC Ebola Death Toll 2,231 to Date (2)

Deadly unrest has hampered the fight against the disease during the latest epidemic, which broke out on August 1, 2018, with the eastern provinces of North Kivu and Ituri particularly badly hit Голос Америки

Doctors Without Borders Quits a DRC Ebola Operation(2)

The medical group says it had to leave Biakato because the presence of armed troops inside its health facilities goes against its principles of neutrality and impartiality Голос Америки

WHO: Insecurity, Poor Access Delay End of DR Congo Ebola Outbreak(2)

A big rise in Ebola cases last week in the Mabalako health zone is increasing concerns that the deadly virus could spread to other cities Голос Америки

Insecurity Threatens Progress in Containing Ebola Epidemic in Eastern DR Congo(2)

Gains made in tackling the Ebola epidemic in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are being threatened by ongoing insecurity in the region Голос Америки

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