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Democrats Swarm Industrial Iowa to Prove They Can Beat Trump

White House hopefuls are campaigning in the more than two dozen Iowa counties that went from supporting Barack Obama in 2012 to supporting Donald Trump in 2016...Голос Америки

Over 1,000 Central American Migrants Try to Enter Mexico

Mexican officials allowed several dozen migrants to enter the country via the bridge, while a voice over a loudspeaker warned that migrants may not be...Голос Америки

Benin Museum Celebrates Return of Precious Artifacts from France

The private donation of more than two dozen royal scepters comes as the country still awaits the French government's restitution of colonial artifacts...Голос Америки

Swiss Judge Acquits Global Warming Protesters

A dozen activists barges into a branch of Credit Suisse bank in 2018 to protest its fossil fuel investments...Голос Америки

Taliban Says US-Iran Dispute Will Not Harm Afghan Peace Process

Reaction comes a day after Tehran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two bases in Iraq housing U.S. troops...Голос Америки

Trump to Address Nation After Iranian Ballistic Missile Attack(2)

President says there were no casualties and only minimal damage sustained after Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles targeting two Iraqi air bases that house US troops...Голос Америки

India Clamps Down on Marches, Internet After Deadly Protests

...police forces were deployed and the internet was shut down in Muslim-majority districts in Uttar Pradesh, where more than a dozen people have been killed and more than 1,000 people arrested in the protests since the law was passed by...Голос Америки

Пожар в мотеле Лас-Вегаса: погибли шесть человек, 13 пострадали

Пожар в мотеле Лас-Вегаса: погибли шесть человек, 13 пострадали

#Vegas. Adding the condolences of all of #ClarkCounty after today's deadly downtown apartment fire. 6 people died, more than a dozen injured. Fire appears accidental, started on or near a stove. Being called one of the worst fires #LasVegas has...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Weinstein Lawyer Says 98% of Creditors Agreeing to Settle

Plaintiffs say deal includes $25 million for over two dozen actresses and former employees who claim former movie mogul sexually harassed them...Голос Америки

Ceremony to Remember Those Killed in Pearl Harbor Attack(2)

Organizers of the public event at the Hawaii naval base say attendees will include about a dozen survivors of the Dec. 7, 1941, attack, the youngest of whom are now in their late 90s...Голос Америки

Death Toll Rises in Baghdad After Attack on Anti-Government Protesters

Nearly two dozen killed and scores of others injured in attacks by unknown assailants...Голос Америки

Nairobi Governor Arrested on Corruption Charges

The governor and nearly a dozen senior Nairobi County officials face charges of unlawful acquisition of public property, money laundering and other economic crimes...Голос Америки

The Who Plans 1st Cincinnati Area Concert Since '79 Tragedy

3, 1979, concert site, where another two dozen people were injured Dec.Голос Америки

Spain: Sunbathers Help Migrants Arriving to Beach by Boat(2)

Sunbathers have assisted two dozen exhausted migrants who arrived by boat to a beach in Spain's Canary Islands...Голос Америки

3 Iraqi Protesters Killed Amid Night of Violence in South(2)

Three simultaneous explosions rocked Baghdad late Tuesday, killing five people and wounding more than a dozen Голос Америки

Pennsylvania Ends Future Child Sex Abuse Charges Time Limits(2)

About two dozen states have changed their laws on statutes of limitations this year, according to Child USA...Голос Америки

Bolivian Leader Agrees to Withdraw Military in Deal to 'Pacify' Country(2)

In exchange for the concessions, more than a dozen leaders of indigenous groups, farmers and unions who took part in the talks agreed to order their followers to end...Голос Америки

Harvard-Yale Game Delayed at Halftime by Student Protest (2)

Their grievances varied; most left after about an hour when they were escorted off by police, but about two dozen who remained were told by police they were under arrest...Голос Америки

Haitian Women’s Rights Groups Demand Justice for Raped Female Prisoners(2)

A dozen female prisoners were raped during an attempted jail break in the northern city of Gonaives last week...Голос Америки

Protests Grip Major Iran Cities Over Gas Prices; 1 Killed(2)

The demonstrations took place in more than a dozen cities in the hours following President Hassan Rouhani's decision early Friday to cut gasoline subsidies...Голос Америки

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