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US Oil Giants Report Big Losses, Prepare for Longer Downturn

Exxon Mobil's revenues fell by more than 50% to $32.6 billion in the quarter, while Chevron's revenues fell by almost two-thirds to $13.5 billion Голос Америки

Eurozone Economy Suffers Record Drop During Lockdown Months

Economists say worst of downturn is past as many restrictions have eased, but recovery will be drawn out and vulnerable to renewed virus outbreaks...Голос Америки

Price forecast weekly from 20 to 24 of July 2020

The current downturn in US drilling activity and the lack of capital investment in the energy sector this year and next will certainly...Oil.Эксперт Клуб экспертов рынка нефти и нефтепродуктов

Fed Minutes Show Concerns About Severity of Downturn

Minutes of June 9-10 discussions made public Wednesday, show officials grappling with economic disruptions and noting crisis 'not falling equally on all Americans' Голос Америки

Airbus Cutting 15,000 Jobs Because of COVID-19 Economic Downturn

Travel restrictions cut air travel by more than 90 percent in April and May Голос Америки

Federal Reserve Chief Warns Long Downturn Would Mean Severe Damage(2)

Jerome Powell says the country is facing a deep downturn with 'significant uncertainty' about the timing and strength of an economic recovery...Голос Америки

Biden Attacks Trump for Lacking Plan to Jump-start US Economy (2)

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee unveils his economic plan to combat coronavirus downturn Голос Америки

World Bank: Pandemic Drives Broadest Economic Collapse in 150 Years (2)

...worst recession in 80 years - but the sheer number of countries suffering economic losses means the scale of the downturn is worse than any recession in 150 years, the World Bank said...Голос Америки

Uncertain Future Rattles Italy's Famed Restaurants(2)

Financial losses already incurred by the lockdown, a projected tourism downturn, reduced table capacity and Italians' own fears about eating out...Голос Америки

Indictment, a Plan and a Pardon: Israeli PM has a Wild Week

But by the time his plane had flown across the Atlantic Ocean, the mood had taken a downturn, with Netanyahu's annexation plan suddenly in question and an embarrassing criminal trial casting a cloud over his re-election hopes...Голос Америки

Zimbabwe on Brink of Man-made Starvation, UN Expert Says(2)

Government must become food self-sufficient to be able to absorb shock of economic downturn, recurrent droughts...Голос Америки

Экономика Армении в III квартале выросла на 7,9%

Экономика Армении в III квартале выросла на 7,9%

ВВП Армении в третьем квартале текущего года составил 1 трлн. Информационное агентство "АРКА"

India Grappling With Sharp Economic Downturn

Tens of thousands face job losses amid slowdown in automobile sector and other businesses Голос Америки

Economists Fear Central Banks Have No Firepower to Deter Slowdown

The world enjoyed a synchronized pickup in 2011, but now it appears to be heading into a downturn, and central banks might not be able to cushion the fall...Голос Америки

Chile Finance Minister Announces New Stimulus to Kickstart Sputtering Economy(2)

Country's economy has suffered from a downturn in mining and global trade tensions...Голос Америки

Trump Warns of Economic Downturn if He Loses Next Year(2)

VOA National correspondent Jim Malone has more from Washington. Голос Америки

Recession Fears Prompt Many to Rethink Global Economic Integration (2)

Downturn now could lead to major realignment of global trade Голос Америки

VARs- Defeat the Downturn - Hire On-Demand

We live in uncertain times, and the potential effects of a recession can be all too difficult and distressing to process. Переводика - Переводы зарубежных СМИ

EN Предобзор: LG G8 ThinQ hands-on review: LG's best flagship phone yet? (Expert Reviews, автор: Nathan Spendelow)

...of over $700 million with its smartphone revenue which, in the grand schemes of things, is one heck of a downturn for a company who once brought us the magnificent LG G5. Despite this, LG is sticking with its...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

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