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Iran's Deputy Health Minister says he has coronavirus


A day earlier, Harirchi had downplayed its spread in the shrine city of Qom and said mass quarantines were unnecessary.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Ivory Coast President Plans Constitutional Revision Before Election(2)

Alassane Ouattara downplayed opponents' fears that he would try to impose age limits on presidential candidates that would prevent his main rivals from...Голос Америки

Pompeo Seeks Faster Progress with N. Korea After Rockets

Pompeo downplayed Thursday's launches, saying they were consistent with previous moves, but called for more effort in nuclear negotiations...Голос Америки

Trump, Putin to hold first meeting next week in Germany

Trump, Putin to hold first meeting next week in Germany

Trump's national security adviser downplayed the significance of the meeting, one of nine such side meetings for the U.S. president over two days.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

'Hack' on DoJ and DHS downplayed

US authorities have acknowledged a data breach affecting the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security - but downplayed its severity.Ежедневные новости по вопросам информационной безопасности

State Department defends Iran nuclear deal amid criticism over inspections

The State Department on Wednesday downplayed concerns over a reported deal that would allow Iranian inspectors to investigate their own military site, according to edition.cnn.com. The...Panorama.am - Армянский Независимый Информационный портал

West anti-Russia sanctions miscalculations - analyst

West anti-Russia sanctions miscalculations - analyst

A prominent political commentator has downplayed the efficiency of Western sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, saying the adoption of such punitive measures is a...Panorama.am - Армянский Независимый Информационный портал

Google denies breach after hackers leak millions of user logins

Google has denied that its computer systems were breached and downplayed the threat after hackers claimed to have leaked 4.9 million Gmail logins.Ежедневные новости по вопросам информационной безопасности

Turkey summons U.S. charge d'affaires over spying report

Turkey summons U.S. charge d

Recep Tayyip Erdogan downplayed the importance of the report, saying that all major countries spied on each other.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Armenia's Customs Union Entry 'On Track'


A senior pro-government lawmaker downplayed on Wednesday an apparent delay in Armenia's membership in the Russian-led Customs Union, saying that the accession process will be...

New Chief Prosecutor Denies Staff Purges

New Chief Prosecutor Denies Staff Purges

Prosecutor-General Gevorg Kostanian has downplayed major personnel changes in his law-enforcement agency that followed his appointment approved by the Armenian parliament on October 1.

Research: Eur Review

...were "not many arguments now for a rate cut". -The headline lifted EUR 20 pips, which reversed as subsequent comments downplayed the prospect of any tightening. Note this contrasts with comments from Executive Board member Praet just a few weeks...

Yahoo rejects fears hackers will exploit old user IDs

Yahoo Inc downplayed concerns that its plans to recycle inactive user IDs could leave users exposed to hackers...Ежедневные новости по вопросам информационной безопасности

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