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Renewed Violence in DRC's Kasai Region Could Trigger Mass Displacement, UN Says

More than 24,000 people have fled violent attacks and gross human rights atrocities in the past month Голос Америки

Africa Harbors 9 of 10 Worst Displacement Crises, Aid Group Says

Cameroon, DR Congo and Burkina Faso top Norwegian Refugee Council's annual list Голос Америки

UNHCR Launches $186 Million Appeal for Sahel Displacement Crisis

More than 3 million civilians displaced by armed groups in Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Niger and Mauritania are in desperate need of help Голос Америки

[Перевод] Разница между фальшивыми и истинными смещениями в 3D-графике

Bump maps (рельефные текстуры), Normal maps (карты нормалей), Displacement и Vector Displacement — вероятно, вы уже сталкивались хотя бы с одним из этих терминов. Несмотря на то, что о них уже есть...Лучшие публикации за сутки / Хабрахабр

UN: Violence, COVID-19 Create Displacement Crisis in Central America(2)

Criminal gangs are using COVID-19 lockdowns to strengthen their control over communities by stepping up extortion, drug trafficking and sexual and gender-based violence Голос Америки

Millions of Civilians Face Humanitarian Catastrophe in Idlib, Syria

Nearly one third of three million civilians trapped in Idlib have been forced to flee their homes, leading to unprecedented level of displacement Голос Америки

Rights Group Calls for War Crimes Probe Against Nigeria's Military(2)

Military's fight against jihadists has resulted in burning of entire villages and displacement of residents...Голос Америки

Syrian Aid Groups Brace for Wider Displacement Crisis(2)

Analysts say the fighting in Idlib, Syria, is moving closer to more heavily populated areas. Голос Америки

Libyan Minister Chides UN, International Community for Failing to Protect His Country(2)

Libya accuses the UN and international community of not holding rebel forces accountable for forced displacement, arbitrary detention, and extra-judicial killings...Голос Америки

Ranks of Refugees Grow in 2019 Amid 'Crisis of Solidarity'(2)

The worldwide refugee crisis continues to deepen. According to the United Nations, the world is witnessing "thehighest levels of displacement on record." Spurred by conflict and persecution, the numbers of displaced are expected to rise further in the future, as...Голос Америки

A New Law on Forcible Displacement Gives Thousands of Salvadorans a New Lease on Life(2)

The law grants tens of thousands of people forcibly displaced by gang violence and organized crime in El Salvador protection and access to life-saving humanitarian aid Голос Америки

UN High-Level Panel Seeks Solutions to Problem of Internal Displacement(2)

Long-term solution sought to alleviate the plight of tens of millions of people internally displaced by conflict and natural disasters Голос Америки

Private Sector Joins Clean Energy Drive for Africa's Refugees(2)

Findings show renewables offer multiple benefits, including reducing some of the root causes of displacement. Голос Америки

Private Sector Joins Clean Energy Drive for Africa's Refugees (2)

Findings show green energy offers multiple benefits, including helping to reduce causes for displacement Голос Америки

Sahel Crisis Escalates as World Looks Away(2)

Conflict and hunger are leading to sharp levels of displacement in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger as people flee their homes in search of safety and something to eat...Голос Америки

Does New Turkish Unrest Mean New Refugee Wave?(2)

Turkish military operations that began in early October may be creating a new wave of displacement. Голос Америки

US Urges 'Plan B' for Islamic State Fighters, Families in Syria(2)

Officials worry makeshift prisons, displacement camps are allowing IS ideology to fester...Голос Америки

UNHCR: Global Forced Displacement Crisis Must be Addressed and Resolved(4)

Forced displacement has reached record heights, with nearly 71 million people uprooted from their homes because of war and persecution, agency says...Голос Америки

Опубликованы доказательства бегства сторонников ИГ из лагеря во время операции Турции(2)

городка. Significant signs of fire and abandonment in the area of the #ISIS refugee camp in Ayn Issa, including the displacement of a large number of tents. Our assessment: since the beginning of #Turkey's #PeaceSpringOperation, ISIS is taking advantage of...Электронное периодическое издание "Взгляд.ру"

Drug Addiction Rises in Myanmar's Kachin State(2)

In Myanmar's Kachin State, eight years of conflict and displacement has caused some civilians to turn to drugs as authorities struggle to control and rehabilitate heroin and amphetamine addicts, both...Голос Америки

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