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Dual US-UN Roles Mean Heavy Workload for New Israeli Envoy

Gilad Erdan will have to balance needs of running two major diplomatic posts...Голос Америки

Armenian Foreign Ministry called on its citizens abroad, who were not able to leave due to restrictions, to maintain constant contact with diplomatic missions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Armenia collect data and questions from Armenian citizens to assess and identify opportunities for support.Arminfo: Главная

Armenia bans citizens of more countries amid spreading Covid-19

Armenia bans citizens of more countries amid spreading Covid-19

The law does not apply to representatives of diplomatic missions, consulates and international organizations․...Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Armenia unveils hotlines at diplomatic missions abroad

Armenia unveils hotlines at diplomatic missions abroad

The Unified Armenian Infocenter has unveiled hotlines for contacting Armenian diplomatic missions abroad.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Perez de Cuellar, Two-term UN Chief From Peru, Dies at 100

Perez de Cuellar, a compromise candidate, leaves a long list of diplomatic achievements...Голос Америки

Senators Call for Stronger Sanctions on North Korea Amid Diplomatic Stalemate(2)

Senators Gardner and Markey seek to economically and diplomatically pressure North Korea and its sanctions-evasion enablers Голос Америки

Armenia moving Israel ambassador’s residence to Tel Aviv(2)

Armenia moving Israel ambassador’s residence to Tel Aviv

The two countries established diplomatic relations in 1992 but have only had non-resident ambassadors so far.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Turkish Soldiers' Deaths Ramp Up Tensions With Moscow (2)

Diplomatic efforts by Turkey, Russia to end impasse in Idlib remain deadlocked Голос Америки

Pompeo Wraps Up Visit to Senegal(2)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in Senegal to mark 60 years of diplomatic ties, promote deeper economic cooperation and strengthen security relationships...Голос Америки

Turkey Continues Military Buildup in Syria, Seeking Diplomatic Solution From Moscow(2)

Turkey is still building forces in Idlib as Damascus forces advance, but Ankara makes gesture to Moscow in bid for diplomatic solution as UN warns of humanitarian crisis...Голос Америки

Israel's Netanyahu in Uganda to Strengthen African Ties(2)

Before departing Israel, Netanyahu spoke of 'very important diplomatic, economic and security ties' that will yet be told about...Голос Америки

Graeme Wilson: British government attempted to prevent «Black January» massacre(2)

The government of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher engaged in frantic last-minute diplomatic lobbying in Moscow on the eve of the Black January massacres in Baku in a bid to stop...1NEWS.AZ - Последние новости Азербайджана

Turkey says starting Libya troop deployment(2)

Turkey says starting Libya troop deployment

Erdogan said Turkey will continue to use all diplomatic and military means to ensure stability to its south.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Report: China Undermining Human Rights System Worldwide(2)

China is using its economic and diplomatic clout to silence critics and undermine human rights systems abroad...Голос Америки

Russia Claims Progress but Falls Short on Libya Cease-Fire Deal(2)

Diplomatic efforts to resolve civil war now move to Berlin Голос Америки

Leaders of Turkey, Russia Urge Cease-fire in Libya(2)

Meanwhile, EU officials intensify diplomatic efforts to cool tensions in North African nation by holding talks with its prime minister...Голос Америки

Zimbabwe VP's Wife Freed on Bail After Attempted Murder Charge(2)

Marry Mubaiwa, initially arrested Dec. 14, has been ordered to surrender her diplomatic passport and report to a local police station once every two weeks...Голос Америки

PM: Greece 'Wants A Say' in Libya Peace Process(2)

Libya has become another diplomatic front for Greece and Turkey as the traditional rivals jostle over Mediterranean maritime rights and the competing camps in the...Голос Америки

Mexico Says Bolivia Harassing Its Diplomats in La Paz(2)

Maximiliano Reyes, Mexico's undersecretary for Latin America, described the Bolivian patrols around the diplomatic property as a 'siege'...Голос Америки

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