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The first of four virtual sessions of the American-Armenian Strategic Dialogue was held

ArmInfo. Today, the first of four virtual sessions of the US- Armenia Strategic Dialogue took place. The press service of the US Embassy in Armenia reports. The report notes that even in the context...Arminfo: Главная

Officenext для офисов в эпоху post-COVID - стоит увидеть!

Officenext для офисов в эпоху post-COVID - стоит увидеть!

8 октября 2020 года состоится форум-выставка по дизайну, технологиям и менеджменту офисных пространств Business & Design Dialogue, а также премия Best Office Awards 2020. Организатор форума и премии - информационный портал Officenext. Не пропустите!Портал БН.ру - Бюллетень недвижимости Петербурга. Первичное и вторичное жилье Петербурга и Ленинградской области

Special meeting of foreign ministers of the " Centra Asia + Japan" dialogue

ArmInfo.On August 11, 2020, a special online meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Central Asia + Japan Dialogue had been held. The meeting, which was held under the auspices of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, was attended by...Arminfo: Главная

UN Rights Chief Urges Political Dialogue in Venezuela(2)

Michelle Bachelet says social and economic crisis will not go away until political standoff is resolved Голос Америки

Победители соревнований Dialogue Evaluation – о задачах, языковых моделях, ML и о себе(2)

Традиционно одно из ключевых событий конференции - это Dialogue Evaluation, соревнования между разработчиками автоматических систем лингвистического анализа текстов.Лучшие публикации за сутки / Хабрахабр

UK urges Armenia, Azerbaijan to engage in dialogue(2)

UK urges Armenia, Azerbaijan to engage in dialogue

The UK urges both sides to show restraint and refrain from rhetoric that may increase tensions further. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Pope Francis urges dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan(2)

Pope Francis urges dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Pointing to a UN Security Council resolution, the pope renewed his call "for a global and immediate ceasefire. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Mayor: LA supports Armenia against Azerbaijan's violence(2)

Mayor: LA supports Armenia against Azerbaijan

Eric Garcetti said dialogue and diplomacy are the only paths to peace and safety for the region.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Amid Algeria’s Political Standoff, Coronavirus Offers Opportunity for Economic Dialogue: Report (2)

International Crisis Group urges Algerian authorities and protesters to discuss economic relief for hard-hit citizens Голос Америки

US, Iraq Affirm Their Commitment to US Troop Withdrawal(2)

Countries issued a joint statement on the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Dialogue Голос Америки

Qatar to Host Intra-Afghan Peace Talks (4)

An Afghan government source also confirmed to VOA the long-awaited dialogue will be held in Doha...Голос Америки

A meeting within the framework of the Human Rights Dialogue “Turkmenistan - the European Union” was held(2)

ArmInfo.On June 18, 2020, a regular meeting as part of the Human Rights Dialogue Turkmenistan - European Union was held in the form of a video conference. The heads and representatives of relevant ministries...Arminfo: Главная

After Kosovo President War Crimes Indictment, Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue Uncertain  (2)

Indictment came days before a planned White House meeting, now postponed Голос Америки

Afghan Journalists Demand Press Freedom Assurances in Kabul, Taliban Talks(2)

Dialogue must include protections for press freedom, rights for female journalists in Afghanistan, local rights groups say Голос Америки

The Simple Best Strategy To Use For Online Jobs Hiring Unveiled(2)

...schedule? Freelance Writing Unless you might be in a highly technical area, your GPA is an even bigger point of dialogue in your first job search than it will likely be in subsequent searches. One of the primary...Информационное агентство Сергиева Посада

As Us Prepares For Deal with Taliban, Afghan Opposition Party Threatens Parallel Government

The news of a potential deal with the Taliban and subsequent intra-Afghan dialogue comes amid an ongoing political struggle...Голос Америки

Miroslav Lajcak positively regards the dialogue between the leadership of Armenia and Azerbaijan on Karabakh

We positively regard the ongoing dialogue between the parties, which will reveal ways to resolve the Karabakh conflict.Arminfo: Главная

UN Chief: Global Tensions at 'Highest Level This Century'(2)

Guterres warned on Monday that 'geopolitical tensions are at their highest level this century' and called on world leaders to stop escalating tensions, exercise maximum restraint and re-start dialogue Голос Америки

Fears of Becoming a New Hong Kong Steer Taiwan Presidential Election(2)

Incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen rejects China's condition for dialogue, Her main opponent says it's OK to engage Taiwan's decades-old political rival...Голос Америки

Iraqis Want De-escalation and Dialogue, Chaldean Archbishop Says(2)

Iraqis are fearful about the continued use of their territory as a battleground, says the religious leader in Kirkuk Голос Америки

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