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Picture of Armenian girl nominated for World Press Photo award

Picture of Armenian girl nominated for World Press Photo award

Ewa succumbed to RS while her family were trying for asylum in Sweden and threatened with deportation to Poland.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Court Rules it Unlawful to Deport Indigenous Australians

Landmark ruling protects Aboriginal Australians from deportation Голос Америки

Pastor Pledges Safety for Immigrants at Miami Trump Event

...hosting President Donald Trump at a rally this week is guaranteeing that parishioners who entered the US illegally won't risk deportation by attending...Голос Америки

Refugee Paroled in California Murder Case, Detained by ICE

An attorney says a Cambodian refugee who drew support from immigrant groups was released from a California prison after being granted parole in a murder case, then immediately turned over to federal agents for possible deportation Голос Америки

Trump Administration Taken to Court Again on Immigration Policies

New lawsuit alleges DOJ created 'deportation machine'...Голос Америки

Report: Tanzania Is Pressing Burundi Refugees to Leave

Human Rights Watch in a statement charges that the fear of violence, arrest and deportation from Tanzania is driving many of the 163,000 Burundians out of the country...Голос Америки

Human Rights Monitor Meets with European Leaders After Deportation from Israel(2)

Omar Shakir slams Israel for human rights violations and 'muzzling' human rights advocates Голос Америки

US Supreme Court to Decide DACA Fate(2)

Trump administration has the right to end the program, called DACA, which protects the young immigrants, known as dreamers, from deportation. VOA's Zlatica Hoke reports the U.S. high court heard arguments for both sides on Tuesday.Голос Америки

'Dreamers,' Democrats Rally Behind DACA as US Top Court Mulls Program's Fate(2)

Action for Childhood Arrivals program, launched in 2012 by Democratic former President Barack Obama, provides roughly 661,000 such immigrants with deportation protection and work permits...Голос Америки

Deportation of North Koreans Suspected in 16 Deaths Raises Questions in South(2)

Two fishermen accused of killing 16 crew members before fleeing to South Голос Америки

Hong Kong Immigrants Hold Back on Anti-Government Protests(2)

For Hong Kong’s 580,000 immigrants, anti-government protests pose a dilemma: dissent or deportation? Голос Америки

Israeli Top Court Hears HRW Activist's Expulsion Appeal(2)

The Court is hearing the appeal of the local director of Human Rights Watch to reverse his deportation order...Голос Америки

Migrants Assess Options as Mexico Buses Them From US Border(2)

...government is busing hundreds of returned migrants to Chiapas, in southern Mexico, in what is described as a thinly disguised deportation program...Голос Америки

Turkey Accused of Forcible Deportation of Syrian Refugees (2)

Turkey dismisses the accusation made by Human Rights Watch Голос Америки

US House Approves Protected Status for Venezuelans(2)

The US House passed legislation to grant thousands of Venezuelans living in the US Temporary Protected Status from deportation Голос Америки

Украинские дипломаты выдали фото жертв Холокоста за депортацию крымских татар

1942 и 1944 годами. На рукаве пиджака одного из мужчин, стоящих возле вагона, нашита звезда Давида. Ukrainian diplomacy playbook:1944 #CrimeanTatars deportation is @HolocaustMuseum picture of the Lodz ghetto Jews2019 arrest of suspected foreign terrorist organization members https://t.co/64uoHUKgKQReality: memorial ceremony in...БИЗНЕС Online. Деловая электронная газета Республики Татарстан

Dutch church holds service 24/7 to protect Armenians from deportation

Dutch church holds service 24/7 to protect Armenians from deportation

The continuous prayers ensued, with volunteering pastors undertaking a relay-style handover to keep the service running 24 hours a day. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Netherlands to go ahead with Armenian children's deportation

Netherlands to go ahead with Armenian children

A last ditch legal attempt to keep children Lili and Howick in the Netherlands, rather than deport them to Armenia, has failed Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Dutch Princess supports children facing deportation to Armenia

Dutch Princess supports children facing deportation to Armenia

Princess Laurentien has added her voice to calls for two Armenian children who are facing deportation to be allowed to stay.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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