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Azerbaijani army filmed firing TOS-1A systems from inside villages

The Armenian side has repeatedly published evidence proving that Azerbaijan deploys its artillery positions in villages.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

US Space Force Deploys to Vast New Frontier: Arabian Desert

Space Force now has a squadron of 20 airmen stationed at Qatar's Al-Udeid Air Base in its first foreign deployment Голос Америки

Cameroon Deploys Peacekeeping Troops to CAR for Election Stability

The UN recruited Cameroon to help the Central African Republic protect civilians and rebuild destroyed institutions Голос Америки

Cameroon Deploys Military to Thwart Opposition Protesters

Opposition has vowed to disrupt Cameroon's first regional elections scheduled for December Голос Америки

Wisconsin Governor Deploys National Guard after Police Shooting of Black Man (2)

Violence erupted Sunday in Kenosha after officers shot African American man in the back in circumstances that are unclear Голос Америки

New Zealand Deploys Troops to Border to Prevent COVID-19 Spread(2)

PM says troops will replace private security personnel at riskiest points of entry Голос Америки

Dubai airport deploys coronavirus-sniffing dogs(2)

Dubai airport deploys coronavirus-sniffing dogs

The world's busiest air hub for international travel dispatched the K-9 unit for quick Covid-19 testing. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

As Britain Deploys Navy, Brexit Complicates Boat Migrant Crisis (2)

British, French ministers meet in Paris for urgent talks Голос Америки

Greece Deploys Forces to Build Fence on Turkish Border

Greek-Turkish tensions rising in the face of Turkey's threat to send more migrants into the EU through Greece Голос Америки

USS Theodore Roosevelt Deploys to Philippine Sea After COVID-19 Outbreak

An investigation continues after the aircraft carrier's former captain raised COVID-19 concerns in emails to superiors Голос Америки

Serbia Deploys Army to 'Secure' 3 Migrant Camps

About 1,500 people, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, are being housed in them Голос Америки

Turkey deploys killer drone swarms to strike Syrian forces

Turkey deploys killer drone swarms to strike Syrian forces

The retaliation for the killing last week of 33 Turkish soldiers by Syrian forces involved an unprecedented number of drones. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Uganda Deploys Army to Battle East Africa’s Locust Invasion(2)

The pests are laying countless eggs that are expected to hatch within weeks, raising concerns among farmers that the worst is yet to come Голос Америки

Russian military deploys along Aleppo-Damascus highway – report(2)

Russian military deploys along Aleppo-Damascus highway – report

The Russian military has begun to deploy along the Highway for the first time since they began their intervention in Syria.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

More US Firms Are Boosting Faith-Based Support for Employees(2)

Tyson Foods deploys a team of more than 90 chaplains to comfort and counsel employees at its plants and offices...Голос Америки

Turkey Deploys Surveillance Drone in Northern Cyprus

Cyprus Defense Minister Savvas Angelides called the move an 'additional factor contributing to instability' in the region, hurting efforts aimed at reunifying the country Голос Америки

Dozens Killed in Kenya as Heavy Rains Trigger Flooding, Mudslides(2)

Kenyan President Kenyatta deploys personnel to prevent the 'further loss of lives'...Голос Америки

Bolivian Military Deploys Armored Vehicles to End Blockade of Key Gas Plant(2)

Show of strength implemented after blockades at the facility had cut off fuel supply to nearby La Paz Голос Америки

Russia Moves to Fill Void Left by US in Northern Syria(4)

Russia deploys troops to keep apart advancing Syrian government and Turkish forces in northeast Syria and vows to work to keep the...Голос Америки

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