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Deep Divide Between Progressives, Moderates in Democratic Primary

Democratic Party finds itself at a crossroads at a critical time in the 2020 election cycle. Голос Америки

Deep Divide Between Progressives, Moderates Colors Democratic Race

Bernie Sanders surges as moderates split votes Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Candidates Say Front-Runner Sanders Can't Beat Trump

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders was the target of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination in the latest televised debate held Tuesday in Charleston, S.C. Sanders has emerged as the national front-runner after...Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Candidates Say Front-Runner Sanders Can't Beat Trump

Self-declared democratic socialist says surveys show him beating the president...Голос Америки

Russia Accuses UN Human Rights Council of Pro-Western Bias

Russia decries 'double standards' employed at the Council in favor of Western democratic values...Голос Америки

Seven Democratic Candidates to Debate in South Carolina

The South Carolina primary is the last contest before Super Tuesday when 14 states hold their votes Голос Америки

Super Tuesday Looms as Biggest Day in Presidential Primary Calendar

Democratic contenders face primaries in 14 states on March 3 Голос Америки

Merkel's Crisis-Hit CDU Launches Leadership Race

Merkel's Christian Democratic Union has been in turmoil after her heir apparent, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, resigned as party leader this month...Голос Америки

WHO Warns It is Running Out of Money to Tackle Ebola Epidemic in DRC

...is urgently appealing for $40 million to salvage its operation to bring the Ebola epidemic to an end in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo...Голос Америки

Sanders Easily Wins Nevada's Democratic Presidential Nominating Caucuses

Some opponents doubt the democratic socialist's chances against Trump, but Sanders has won the popular vote in all three early party nominating contests...Голос Америки

Sanders Scores Decisive Win in Nevada Caucus

Bernie Sanders has decisively won the Nevada Democratic caucuses, solidifying his lead for his party's presidential nomination.Голос Америки

Sanders Wins: Key Nevada Caucuses Takeaways

Sen. Bernie Sanders' convincing victory in the Nevada caucuses has made him the undisputed front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination...Голос Америки

Is America Ready to Elect a Gay President?(2)

Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay Democratic candidate for president of the United States to mount a major campaign, emerged as one of the leaders in the...Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Candidates Compete in Nevada Caucus

The Western state brings a more diverse electorate than others so far in the race, and officials are confident there will not be vote-counting problems as in Iowa Голос Америки

Bloomberg Roughed Up in First Democratic Debate

Bernie Sanders surging as moderates battle Голос Америки

Finally on Debate Stage, Bloomberg Has to Answer to Democratic Rivals

Bloomberg campaign says, 'You know you are a winner when you are drawing attacks' Голос Америки

Bloomberg Targeted at Democratic Presidential Debate(2)

Opponents accuse him of trying to buy party nomination, while attacking his record as New York mayor and treatment of women at his company Голос Америки

Lawyer: Assange Was Offered US Pardon If He Cleared Russia

...he was offered a pardon by the Trump administration if he agreed to say Russia was not involved in leaking Democratic National Committee emails...Голос Америки

Sanders' Campaign to Request Iowa Recount

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign plans to ask for a partial recount of the Iowa caucus results after the state Democratic Party releases the results of its recanvass...Голос Америки

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