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Turkish Soldiers' Deaths Ramp Up Tensions With Moscow

Diplomatic efforts by Turkey, Russia to end impasse in Idlib remain deadlocked Голос Америки

WHO Warns Against Complacency as Coronavirus Cases Appear to Decline in China

The relatively small number of cases and deaths outside China shows the window of opportunity to contain the coronavirus outbreak remains open...Голос Америки

Iran Announces 3 New Cases of Coronavirus After 2 Deaths

All schools and universities, including religious Shiite seminaries, were shut down in the holy city of Qom, according to the official IRNA news agency Голос Америки

200 Vehicles Involved in Pileup South of Montreal

Sudden whiteout cited; no immediate reports of deaths, but about a dozen people are sent to hospitals with minor to serious injuries...Голос Америки

Armenia PM holds consultations over recent deaths in Armenian army

Armenia PM holds consultations over recent deaths in Armenian army

Nikol Pashinyan said he prioritizes the resolution of issues related to criminal subculture in the Armed Forces. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Coronavirus: China deaths jump to 1,770;

Coronavirus: China deaths jump to 1,770;

Chinese authorities have placed about 56 million people in Hubei and its capital Wuhan under quarantine. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

China Reports 121 More Coronavirus Deaths, Spike in New Cases

More than 1,700 health workers have been infected and six have died Голос Америки

China's Hubei Province Reports a Record 242 New Coronavirus Deaths(2)

New death toll, infection numbers shatter reports of slowdown of the virus; third top official in Hubei province sacked Голос Америки

Scientists Develop Master Plan for Therapeutics to Tackle Coronavirus

WHO puts number of cases of COVID-19 in China at 44,730, including 1,114 deaths, with 441 cases from 24 countries and one death outside China...Голос Америки

PM: The increased number of deaths of servicemen in the NKR is related to the impact of the criminal subculture

ArmInfo.Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan believes that the increased number of deaths of military personnel in the NKR are related to the negative impact of the criminal subculture. The prime minister said...Arminfo: Главная

2 More Arrested over Vietnamese Truck Deaths, UK Police Say

British police say that two more arrests had been made over the deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants found in the back of a truck near London last year while investigations indicated they had...Голос Америки

Chinese Hospitals Struggle to Cope with the Coronavirus Outbreak

Some 974 deaths, or 96% of the total, occurred in Wuhan - signs that hospitals in the epic center of the outbreak may...Голос Америки

New Coronavirus Transmissions Raise More Concerns as Deaths Surpass Those From SARS

The head of the World Health Organization's says there are "concerning instances" of coronavirus transmission from people who have not traveled to China, a development that could mean there is a bigger problem. Голос Америки

Fierce Storm Causes Deaths, Damage and Delays Across Europe

A winter storm has battered Europe with hurricane-force winds and heavy rains Голос Америки

UN Ready to Grant Exemption for Virus Aid for North Korea

...will grant exemptions on sending aid to North Korea to help it combat the coronavirus as speculations grow over virus deaths in the country...Голос Америки

China Opens New Hospitals for Virus Patients, Deaths Top 560

A first group of patients was expected to start testing a new antiviral drug, as China also moved people with milder symptoms into makeshift hospitals at sports centers, exhibition halls and other public spaces Голос Америки

Coronavirus Cases, Deaths and Global Concerns Rising

...to fight the novel coronavirus, mainly through investment in countries considered particularly at risk. This comes as the number of deaths nears 500 with more than 24,300 confirmed cases in China. Outside of China there are 191 confirmed cases in...Голос Америки

Common Sense Goes a Long Way in Ending an Outbreak

...to one. The virus has spread to more than two dozen countries, although the vast majority of cases – and deaths – have been in China. VOA’s Carol Pearson asked experts experienced on disease outbreaks what they would do to...Голос Америки

Mainland China Reports New Coronanvirus Deaths, Cases

As of Wednesday, at least 490 people, the majority in mainland China, have died from the coronavirus since it was first detected in December in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, with the total number of confirmed infections exceeding 24,000...Голос Америки

Art Exhibit In Iraq Showcases Landmines, Victims

...uniquely deadly because in some cases they stay behind long after a conflict ends.  Their proliferation causes about 4,000 injuries and deaths every year according to the Minesweepers group. One artist is drawing attention to the problem in a unique exhibit...Голос Америки

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