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New US Immigration Rule Sparks Questions

...to subject immigrants to heightened scrutiny based on their perceived likelihood to rely on America's public assistance programs - what critics call a wealth test...Голос Америки

RSF Urges China to Reverse Decision Expelling Wall Street Journal Reporters

Critics say China's move constitutes a serious violation of press and speech freedom while sending a chilling effect among journalists who still work there Голос Америки

One Thing Unites Establishment Democrats: Fear of Sanders

Critics of the Vermont senator, who has long identified as a democratic socialist, are further than they've ever been from unifying behind a moderate alternative Голос Америки

With Impeachment Over, Critics See Trump 'Retribution Tour'

In the week since his acquittal, a fully emboldened President Donald Trump is demonstrating his determination to assert an iron grip on government Голос Америки

Questions, Scars Remain as France Marks 60 Years Since Nuclear Tests

Critics say sites in Algeria remain contaminated and victims uncompensated Голос Америки

Acquittal Not the End of Trump's Battles With Democrats

Critics say the acquittal will embolden Trump, and future presidents, to abuse power with impunity Голос Америки

Nigeria 'Blindsided' by Trump's Travel Ban

The administration said the ban is vital to US national security, but critics are questioning the rationale...Голос Америки

US Adds 'Low Yield' Nuclear Weapon to Its Submarine Arsenal

Trump administration says deployment will make nuclear war less likely; critics, including some Democrats in Congress, call it a dangerous excess that increases the risk of conflict...Голос Америки

Australian State to Examine Role of Climate Change in Bushfire Disaster

Australia's New South Wales will take six months to investigate causes of bushfire crisis, but critics condemn timing...Голос Америки

Exiled Tibetans Alarmed by China's 'Unity Law'

Sinicization is a term used by China critics referring to a process by the Communist Party to bring groups that are traditionally non-Chinese under the influence of the...Голос Америки

Media Freedom Groups Express Unease About Ukrainian Disinformation Bill

Critics say draft law put forward by Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry paves way for excessive governmental regulation of the media and could be used to harass journalists Голос Америки

China Slams US for 'Spreading Rumors' About BRI Investments in Pakistan

Critics in the US and elsewhere see China's Belt and Road Initiative as a 'debt trap' for economically struggling countries like Pakistan Голос Америки

2009 год. «ВАЛЛ-И» - лучший фильм!

Так посчитало сообщество критиков в Сети Интернет (The Online Film Critics Society), объявившее имена победителей по итогам 2008 года.Кино-Театр.РУ

Putin Denies He Wants to Remain in Power Indefinitely

Many of his critics are skeptical of his assurances in the wake of new constitutional changes he announced last week...Голос Америки

Энн Хэтэуэй рассекретила пол новорожденного малыша

На днях актриса посетила церемонию вручения премии Critics' Choice Awards.Русский Еврей

Актриса Энн Хэтэуэй рассекретила пол второго ребенка - СМИ(2)

Артистка приняла участие в церемонии вручения премии "Critics' Choice Awards 2020".Новости Украины и мира сегодня. Новости дня - bigmir)net

Report: China Undermining Human Rights System Worldwide

China is using its economic and diplomatic clout to silence critics and undermine human rights systems abroad...Голос Америки

Энн Хэтэуэй впервые вышла на красную дорожку после вторых родов

Энн Хэтэуэй впервые вышла на красную дорожку после вторых родов

37-летняя актриса блеснула на премии 2020 Critics' Choice Awards в Санта-Монике.Еженедельник - dzd.ee

South Africa to Strip Refugees' Status for Any Political Act

Critics call the new law illegal and deeply ironic after the ruling party fought the former apartheid government for years as a liberation movement in exile Голос Америки

«Это фантастика!»: 46-летняя Кейт Бекинсейл показала невероятную растяжку

«Это фантастика!»: 46-летняя Кейт Бекинсейл показала невероятную растяжку

Звезда «Ван Хельсинга» весьма оригинально подготовилась к церемонии вручения премии Critics' Choice Awards.Еженедельник - dzd.ee

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