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Australian Religious Leaders Criticize 'Immoral' COVID-19 Vaccine Deal

Some say the use of 'fetal tissue' in the research is 'deeply immoral' Голос Америки

Obama, Harris to Criticize Trump in Prime-Time Convention Speech

Former president and vice presidential candidate are to make the case for Americans to elect Joe Biden as 46th US president Голос Америки

Twitter, Facebook Become Targets in Trump and Biden Ads (2)

Both candidates have spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to criticize the social media platforms for their policies around misinformation and fact-checking false statements made by politicians...Голос Америки

EU Parliament Begins Budget Debate(2)

Members expected to criticize proposal hammered out during marathon summit...Голос Америки

Lebanese Christian Cleric Seen to Criticize Hezbollah, Allies over Crisis (2)

Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai stressed the importance of Lebanon's neutrality, implicit criticism of the heavily armed Hezbollah over its support for Iran in conflicts with Sunni-led Gulf Arab states Голос Америки

Trump to Criticize Protesters Who ‘Tear Down’ History (2)

The president travels to Mount Rushmore for Independence Day celebration amid a national reckoning on racism Голос Америки

Chinese Officials Raise Tensions With US Over George Floyd Protests(2)

Chinese officials and state media take opportunity to criticize US as ties between the two countries deteriorate...Голос Америки

Europe Locks Down Greece-Turkey Border, Blames Ankara For Migrant Crisis

Human rights groups criticize Europe's response to surge in migrant arrivals...Голос Америки

Democrats Criticize Trump Administration's Coronavirus Response(2)

Even as the US government is asking lawmakers for $2.5 billion in emergency funding to address the problem, critics say the administration has failed to respond quickly to the spread of the virus Голос Америки

Bloomberg Targeted in Debate Debut(2)

Rivals criticize billionaire in Las Vegas...Голос Америки

Britain's Flooded Towns Ask, 'Where's Boris?'(2)

Furious locals hit by extreme floods criticize Prime Minister Boris Johnson for failing to visit communities worst affected by torrential storms...Голос Америки

Workers Criticize Amazon on Climate Despite Risk to Jobs(2)

Amazon, which relies on fossil fuels to power the planes, trucks and vans that ship packages all over the world, has an enormous carbon footprint Голос Америки

China, Iran Ministers Meet, Criticize 'Bullying Practices'(2)

China's foreign minister has criticized international "bullying practices" in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Голос Америки

Myanmar Accusers Criticize Aung San Suu Kyi's Defense of Genocide Allegations (2)

Gambia, which brought the case, wants emergency order to protect Rohingyas Голос Америки

Hong Kong Protesters Criticize Police Conduct, Draw Tear Gas

Hong Kong police have been criticized for using heavy-handed tactics toward protests, even brutality Голос Америки

Iran Allows 4,000 Women to Attend Men's Football Match

FIFA praises attendance of ticket-purchasing women at Thursday’s Iran vs. Cambodia World Cup qualifier in Tehran, but international rights activists criticize limits on female presence in stadium...Голос Америки

US, Japan Criticize 'Provocative' North Korea Missile Launch

North Korea tests a ballistic missile that was designed to be launched from a submarine - an important advancement in Pyongyang's weapons program Голос Америки

Ugandan Online Publishers Criticize Registration as Political Control

8, 2019, that all commercial online publishers must register with the government. Голос Америки

Ugandan Online Publishers Criticize Registration as Political Control

Uganda Communications Commission says registering commercial social media influencers and online news organizations is necessary to uphold public morality and avoid incitement Голос Америки

Mkhitaryan says "only stupid people" criticize after one game

Mkhitaryan says "only stupid people" criticize after one game

...“Only stupid people can criticize a team that has played one game in the league," the Arsenal midfielder said.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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