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Darksiders: Genesis, Man of Medan, Final Fantasy VII HD и другие игры скоро войдут в Xbox Game Pass

пополнится несколькими играми, а именно: Darksiders: Genesis, It Lurks Below, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, Trailmakers, UnderMine, Xeno Crisis и Final Fantasy VII HD. 6 августа: приключенческий экшен Darksiders: Genesis (Xbox). Игра рассказывает о противостоянии двух […]...Новости для гиков

В Xbox Game Pass скоро добавят Darksiders: Genesis, Final Fantasy VII, Man of Medan и ещё 4 игры

Medan (Xbox One) 6 августа Trailmakers (Xbox One и РС) 6 августа UnderMine (Xbox One и РС) 6 августа Xeno Crisis (Xbox One и РС) 6 августа Final Fantasy VII (Xbox One и РС) 13 августа. Вдобавок на прошлой неделе...ИГРОМАНИЯ. Новые игры, видео обзоры игр, даты выхода игр, компьютерные игры, игры для PS3, игры для Xbox

The situation is scarier than one can imagine

The situation is scarier than one can imagine

...new life in Armenia. In the past several months, Lebanon has been trapped in the midst of the worst economic crisis in its history, and the two enormous explosions that devastated the port area of Beirut were the last straw.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Timeline: Lebanon Since 2005

Lebanon, whose capital Beirut was rocked on Tuesday by huge explosions that killed dozens, is mired in its worst economic crisis in decades and unprecedented social unrest...Голос Америки

UN says 1 billion students affected by virus closures

UN says 1 billion students affected by virus closures

Even before the pandemic, the world faced "a learning crisis," with 250 million children out of school.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Mali Opposition Plans More Protests to Demand President's Ouster

Tensions are growing after opposition rejected plan by West African leaders to end country's political crisis Голос Америки

WHO: Pandemic is Once-in-a-Century Health Crisis

An Emergency Committee on COVID-19 is calling for global solidarity in tackling the pandemic by supporting global response efforts to contain it Голос Америки

Israeli Police Forcefully Disperse Protesters Outside PM's Residence

Protesters want Netanyahu's resignation because of coronavirus crisis, corruption charges...Голос Америки

WFP Appeals For $250M to Ease Zimbabwe's 'Dire Situation' Food Crisis

COVID-19 lockdown and drought make country's food situation more precarious than ever Голос Америки

PM: Armenia has a real chance to overcome the coronavirus crisis in September

ArmInfo. Armenia has a real chance to overcome the coronavirus crisis in September. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this on July 30 during a regular government meeting. He noted that...Arminfo: Главная

Greece to Return 1.4B Euros to Pensioners Hit During Debt Crisis

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' conservative government made decision following a top court ruling which said that some pension cuts imposed in 2015-2016 were illegal Голос Америки

On the occasion of the celebration by the Kingdom of Morocco, in the 30th of July 2020, of the 21th anniversary of the accession to the Throne of His Majesty King Mohammed VI

Continent in the areas of banking, insurance, air transport, telecommunications and housing. In this year, marked by the global health crisis of the Coronavirus, and under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, to manage the COVID-19 health crisis and limit...Arminfo: Главная

AGROSILA plans to invest 2 billion rubles in cheese production

When asked whether investing in the project will not be risky against the background of the economic crisis and the direction of buyers towards the economy segment - cheese products, for example, Svetlana Barsukova drew attention to the...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

В Ташкенте в онлайн-формате пройдет фестиваль рекламы

В Ташкенте в онлайн-формате пройдет фестиваль рекламы

Anti Crisis определит лучшие креативные проекты в области маркетинга и рекламы.Sputnik Узбекистан

Amid Algeria's Political Standoff, Coronavirus Offers Opportunity for Economic Dialogue: Report

International Crisis Group urges Algerian authorities and protesters to discuss economic relief for hard-hit citizens...Голос Америки

3 Ways Companies Can Adapt Their Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Between social distancing, self-isolation and remote work, for brands and marketers navigating the COVID-19 crisis, simply reaching the customer has become a...ИнформВест

Tunisia President Designates New PM Amid Hopes of Ending Political Crisis

Hichem Mechichi pledges to respond to social, economic demands that have spawned constant protests in North African country Голос Америки

Kenya Urged to Revive Education in Northeast to Stop al-Shabab Recruiting

A report from the International Crisis Group calls on Kenyan authorities to cooperate with the locals to improve security and train teachers for the schools...Голос Америки

France Pledges $17 Million to Lebanon's Struggling Schools

France, the former colonial power, is leading efforts to help Lebanon out of the crisis Голос Америки

ECOWAS Delegation Fails to End Mali's Political Crisis

Five West African heads of state fail to broker a deal among stakeholders Голос Америки

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