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Countries Step Up Border Measures to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

China says its efforts to stem the spread of virus are showing results Голос Америки

Ministers seek to Reinforce Drive to Cut Libya Arms Supplies

Foreign ministers and other top officials from about a dozen countries gather in Germany to keep up the push for peace in Libya after countries with interests in its long-running civil...Голос Америки

Armenia, Azerbaijan leaders headed for first-ever open debate on Karabakh

Armenia, Azerbaijan leaders headed for first-ever open debate on Karabakh

Throughout the conflict, on no occasion have the leaders of the two countries had an open discussion on the matter.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Major World Events Canceled as Fears of Coronavirus Spread Mounts

...mainland China. Almost 1,400 people have died. Outside of China, about 500 cases have been confirmed in about two dozen countries and three people have lost their lives. VOA correspondent Mariama Diallo updates us in this report.Голос Америки

Iran's November Gas Price Hike Fails to Ease Fuel Smuggling to Pakistan

Smuggling of relatively cheap Iranian fuel products to neighboring countries has stayed high since November gas price hike, signaling resilience of smuggling networks...Голос Америки

Ship Passengers Who Disembarked in Cambodia 'Were Not Worried at All'

They were greeted by Cambodia's prime minister after other countries rejected the vessel because of coronavirus fears...Голос Америки

Africa Scaling Up Coronavirus Detection, Prevention

Africa CDC says 36 countries are to have laboratory diagnostics for coronavirus by February 20...Голос Америки

Gabriel Balayan held brief talks with defense ministers of NATO member countries and partners

13, he delegation led by Deputy Minister of Justice of Armenia Gabriel Balayan attended the session of defense ministers of countries providing troops to the NATO Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, the press service of RA Defense Ministry reports. The...Arminfo: Главная

Negotiators from Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt Optimistic on Nile Dam Standoff

Treasury Department, the three countries say they hope to reach a technical agreement by the end of the month...Голос Америки

Bangladesh - Home to Massive Refugee Settlement - Guards Against Coronavirus

So, countries around the world are being cautious by testing incoming traffic through their ports.Голос Америки

Cruise Ship Welcomed by Cambodia Is Anchored Offshore Pending Coronavirus Check

Government requiring passengers to undergo testing to show they're not infected with COVID-19; coronavirus fears prompted other countries to refuse entry to the ship...Голос Америки

Coronavirus Puts Southeast Asian Anti-Fake News Laws to Test

Bloggers in at least two countries face possible prison time for postings as short as one sentence...Голос Америки

Will there be direct air communication between Armenia and Jordan?

...was signed on November 1, 2018 in Aman. The document provides for equal rights for air carriers of the two countries, while liberalizing issues such as the appointment by the parties of their air carriers, price regulation, frequency of flights,...Arminfo: Главная

Scientists Develop Master Plan for Therapeutics to Tackle Coronavirus

WHO puts number of cases of COVID-19 in China at 44,730, including 1,114 deaths, with 441 cases from 24 countries and one death outside China...Голос Америки

Facebook Says It Dismantles Russian Intelligence Operation Targeting Ukraine

Facebook's head of cybersecurity policy says the latest Russian operation used more than 100 accounts on Facebook and its Instagram photo-sharing platform to create fake personas, often posing as journalists in the targeted countries Голос Америки

Indonesia Not to Repatriate Citizens Linked to IS, Gives Exception to Minors

Ruling brings uncertainty to the fate of some 689 Indonesian men, women and children stranded in countries like Syria, Turkey and Afghanistan after leaving their homeland to join Islamic State...Голос Америки

US Warns Containment the Only Option for Some African Terror Groups

...new inspector general report sees gains by al-Qaida and Islamic State affiliates outpacing the ability of the US and African countries to fight back...Голос Америки

В Петербурге сегодня дожди.

...woke up covered in a thin layer of fresh snow, an extremely rare phenomenon for one of the world's hottest countries. 8 @mo_sawaf #AFP pic.twitter.com/OI8oZKczv9 — AFP Photo (@AFPphoto) February 11, 2020 За последний век подобное погодное явление наблюдалось в...Новости Санкт-Петербурга, последние новости дня, новости бизнеса - Фонтанка.ру

В Багдаде во второй раз за 100 лет выпал снег

...woke up covered in a thin layer of fresh snow, an extremely rare phenomenon for one of the world's hottest countries.@mo_sawaf #AFP pic.twitter.com/OI8oZKczv9– AFP Photo (@AFPphoto) February 11, 2020 Omg #Baghdad is snowing, sooo excited to see snow it’s...Электронное периодическое издание "Взгляд.ру"

Switzerland Investigating Alleged CIA, German Front Company

...millions of dollars for the two agencies, while providing them with access to the encrypted communications of more than 120 countries for decades...Голос Америки

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