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Billionaire Bloomberg Campaigns as Moderate Alternative to Splintered Democrats

Splintered results for Democratic presidential contenders from the first two state nominating contests have further muddled the race. Some see an opening for former New York...Голос Америки

Top Democratic Presidential Challengers Spar A Day Ahead of New Hampshire Primary

Democratic presidential contenders are making a furious last minute push for votes ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.  Polls show Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders...Голос Америки

Top Democratic Contenders Spar Ahead of New Hampshire Primary

While Democrats make the case to oppose Trump, the president says a big crowd is gathering for his Monday night rally Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Contenders Differ on Key Policies

VOA compiles a rundown of five candidates' positions on immigration, trade policy and America's future in Afghanistan Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Contenders Spar Just Ahead of New Hampshire Vote(2)

Biden, Buttigieg claim Sanders would have a tougher road in opposing Trump in November election because he is a self-declared democratic socialist Голос Америки

"Химки" и "Зенит" потерпели очередные поражения в баскетбольной Евролиге

набравший 20 очков. Разыгрывающий "Химок" Алексей Швед набрал 18 очков и сделал 10 результативных передач. In a thriller between playoffs contenders, @MaccabitlvBC rallied from 13 points behind to edge visiting Khimki Moscow Region!Highlights...#GameON pic.twitter.com/Ze0K5d0qhH— Turkish Airlines EuroLeague (@EuroLeague) February 5,...АдыгеяНатПресс

Partial Iowa Caucus Results Show Tight Race Between Buttigieg, Sanders

First test for party's 2020 presidential contenders mired in vote-counting chaos...Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Candidates Speak as Iowa Caucus Results are Delayed

Democratic Party said the official results were delayed for hours due to what was described as “quality checks.” The Democratic contenders did address their supporters in Iowa despite the glitch, as we hear from VOA National correspondent Jim Malone.Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Contenders Make Final Push in Iowa

...and in Iowa, where the first contest of the 2020 campaign kicks off Monday. Sanders is among several top Democratic contenders competing for support in the Iowa presidential caucuses and the outcome is seen as crucial in what could be...Голос Америки

Ten Things You Need to Know About Iowa Caucuses

...eventual party nominees, but the caucus vote does play a key role in shaping the primary races and weeding out contenders with little support...Голос Америки

Black Democrats Hold Sway in SC Presidential Primary

Presidential contenders vie for African American support, which has been critical for success in recent elections...Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Contenders Clash Over Foreign Policy in Iowa Debate

Debate comes less than three weeks before Iowa Caucus vote Голос Америки

Democrats Debate Tuesday Just Weeks Ahead of Iowa Vote(2)

...than three weeks before Iowa voters kick off the presidential nomination process on February 3rd. A total of six Democratic contenders will be on stage with signs of growing tensions among some of the candidates. The debate also comes amid...Голос Америки

As First Votes Near, 2020 Democratic Race Looks Wide Open

At least four contenders - Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg - are seen as having a shot at winning the...Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Contenders Condemn Strike Against Iranian Commander

The candidates called the move reckless and said it could lead the United States to another war in the Middle East Голос Америки

Democrat Buttigieg's Presidential Campaign Raises $24.7 Million in 4th Quarter

The hefty total is expected to land him among the top fundraisers in the Democratic field, which has 15 contenders seeking to take on President Trump in the November 2020 election...Голос Америки

2020 Presidential Campaign About to Kick Into High Gear(2)

Democratic contenders ramp up before first test in Iowa in February...Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Contenders Clash in Latest Debate(2)

Spirited exchanges over the economy and campaign finance Голос Америки

Biden Calls Sanders' Pitch to Leverage Israel Aid 'Bizarre'(2)

Remarks highlight a nuanced but significant distinction between the Democratic presidential contenders. Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Field Shrinks with Departure of Harris and Bullock(2)

Tuesday. Earlier, Montana Governor Steve Bullock also ended his campaign. Former Vice President Joe Biden leads a cluster of four contenders near the top of national public opinion polls, but there is still plenty of uncertainty about where the Democratic...Голос Америки

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