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Iran Election Campaign Starts with Thousands Barred from Standing

February 21 elections widely seen as contest between hard-liners and conservatives after most pro-reform and moderate candidates were disqualified...Голос Америки

Pope Dismisses Proposal to Ordain Married Men as Priests in Amazon

Recommendation, put forward by Latin American bishops last year, had alarmed conservatives in the deeply polarized 1.3 billion-member Roman Catholic Church, who feared it could lead to a change in the centuries-old...Голос Америки

Trump, Conservatives Heap Scorn on Romney for His Impeachment Vote

2012 Republican presidential candidate was the only Republican to vote for Trump's conviction and removal from office Голос Америки

EU Chief Warns UK Must Compromise to Get Brexit Trade Deal

Johnson's Conservatives won a substantial parliamentary majority in Britain's Dec.Голос Америки

Croatia's Ruling Conservatives to Analyze Loss of Presidency

The conservative party's candidate, outgoing President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, was beaten Sunday by liberal opposition challenger and former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic...Голос Америки

Austrian Conservatives, Greens Strike Coalition Deal

Austria will join Sweden and Finland in having the Greens in government, albeit in a junior role, at a time of growing calls for urgent action on climate change Голос Америки

Austria's Greens Call for Party Meeting as Coalition Deal Nears (2)

Greens are in coalition talks with conservatives led by Sebastian Kurz...Голос Америки

Croats Pick President in Tight Test for Ruling Conservatives(2)

Some 3.8 million voters in the European Union's newest member state can pick among 11 candidates, but only three are considered to be the front runners while the others are lagging far behind Голос Америки

UK Conservatives Secure Historic Parliamentary Majority(2)

With just over 600 of the 650 seats declared, the Conservatives reached the 326 mark, guaranteeing their majority...Голос Америки

Britain Brexit Bound as Johnson Set for Big Parliamentary Majority(2)

An exit poll showed Boris Johnson's Conservatives would win a landslide of 368 seats, more than enough for a very comfortable majority in the 650-seat parliament...Голос Америки

Will Boris Johnson’s Early Election Gamble Pay Off? (2)

Most polls give the Conservatives a 10% lead over the Labor Party, but the race appears to be tightening, and few pollsters are ready to...Голос Америки

Britain's Spies Probe Russian Election Meddling(2)

...whether state-sponsored Russian hackers were behind leaks of British government documents used by opposition politicians to embarrass Boris Johnson's ruling Conservatives ahead of Thursday's general election...Голос Америки

Britain's 'Lesser of Two Evil' Election May Go Down to Wire(2)

...opinion poll after another and television debates bring home how distrusting the British public has become of both the ruling Conservatives' Boris Johnson and Labor's Jeremy Corbyn...Голос Америки

Opponents Attack Johnson's Character as UK Election Looms(2)

...are intensifying attacks on Prime Minister Boris Johnson with two weeks to go until election day, as polls suggest Johnson's Conservatives have a substantial lead...Голос Америки

Boris Johnson Fights Winter Blues in a Drenched Election Campaign(2)

Britain's ruling Conservatives are banking a lot on the star quality of their leader but he's finding it difficult to cheer up voters...Голос Америки

Poll Gives UK PM Johnson's Conservatives 10-point Lead in Election(2)

The poll, carried out for the Daily Telegraph newspaper, showed the Conservative Party with 40%, up 3 points from a poll last week, ahead of Labour on 30%, up 1 point...Голос Америки

British Refusal to Publish Russia Report Fuels Suspicions Of Kremlin Links(4)

Critics say report into Russian interference could embarrass Conservatives ahead of election...Голос Америки

French Conservatives Protest Against IVF for Singles, Lesbians(2)

Currently such procedures are only offered to heterosexual couples Голос Америки

Pope Urges Bold Action to Protect the Amazon Amid Fires(2)

...opened a three-week meeting on preserving the rainforest and ministering to its native people as he fended off attacks from conservatives who are opposed to his ecological agenda...Голос Америки

Conservatives Lead as Austrians Vote, but Coalition Partner Less Clear(2)

Sebastian Kurz is predicted to win, but allegations of wrongdoing may rule out his far-right governing partner Голос Америки

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