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Armenian Ombudsman points out legislative gaps in judicial system

...that appealing a judicial act or considering a reasonable time by another court in current cases, as well as demanding compensation for non-material damage or initiating disciplinary proceedings against a judge and bringing him to disciplinary liability, are not effective...Arminfo: Главная

В Перми начался прием заявлений на предоставление компенсации части расходов на оплату путевки в лагерь

Департамент социальной политики администрации Перми информирует родителей о процедуре получения бюджетной поддержки на отдых и оздоровление своего ребенка. Он-лайн газета "Вечерние Ведомости"

Ghosn Lawyers Rebut New Nissan Claims Against Fugitive Exec

Ghosn was charged with under-reporting his future compensation and breach of trust in diverting Nissan money for personal gain...Голос Америки

The ECHR recognized 77 LGBT actions of activist Alexeyev not being negotiated in Russian cities the violation, but did not award him compensation

The ECHR recognized 77 LGBT actions of activist Alexeyev not being negotiated in Russian cities the violation, but did not award him compensation

2018, the ECHR arrived at a similar decision on Alexeyev's complaints, recognizing the violation of LGBT rights, but awarding no compensation. Alexeyev has been giving notices for LGBT prides in various cities in the country for the past few years.Журнал 7х7

American Airlines Reaches Settlement with Boeing for 737 Max Compensation in 2019

The confidential agreement addresses damages the airline incurred due to the ongoing grounding of its fleet of Boeing 737 Max aircraft Голос Америки

Australian PM Announces Compensation for Volunteer Firefighters

Scott Morrison says payments of up to A$6,000 would be available for eligible firefighters who had spent more than 10 days in the field this fire season Голос Америки

A number of NGOs demand to stop construction in the gardens of Dalma

As stated in the statement, Park Group LLC must pay appropriate compensation to land owners.Arminfo: Главная

Kenyan Communities Seek Compensation for Colonial-Era Land Grab(2)

The Kipsigis and Talai communities accuse the British of collective punishment by forcefully evicting them off their land, which was turned into profitable tea farms. Голос Америки

Видео: AMD рассказала о процессе сертификации FreeSync

Видео: AMD рассказала о процессе сертификации FreeSync

Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR, включает не только повышенные требования к диапазону частот монитора (технологии компенсации низкой частоты кадров, Low Framerate Compensation, LFC), но также требует поддержки вывода в стандарте HDR игр, фильмов и других цифровых материалов. В недавнем видео компания...Все самое интересное из мира IT-индустрии

Elizabeth Warren Discloses Details of Past Legal Work, Showing $2M in Compensation

Democratic presidential candidate released information about her past work, as a dispute intensified with her rival Pete Buttigieg over transparency Голос Америки

The ECHR awarded compensation to the tortured resident of Yoshkar-Ola

...had been tortured) and there had been no effective investigation into the statement of torture. The ECHR awarded Alexei Konakov compensation for moral injury in the amount of 25 thousand euros. Human rights activist from the Man and the Law...Журнал 7х7

Armenian Parliament refused to increase compensation for property alienated in central Yerevan

The deputy suggests that when calculating the compensation paid to the owner for the alienated property, to establish a premium to the market value of 25%.Arminfo: Главная

Khachatur Sukiasyan: Bjni plant should be returned to its rightful owner

...of Human Rights against the Republic of Armenia and intend to recover 220 million euros from the state as just compensation. In October 2009, the second branch of the European Court of Human Rights accepted the claim for consideration.Arminfo: Главная

Deputy Defense Minister of Armenia criticized the legislative initiative by lawmaker Hayk Sargsyan

...thousand drams for each missed military draft). The new bill will allow people of draft age to use the financial compensation mechanism until they are 27 years old, paying the state 10 million drams and serving in the army for...Arminfo: Главная

NRA Tax Filing: Embattled CEO Earned About $2 Million in 2018(2)

Wayne LaPierre's compensation comes to light as two investigations threaten the organization's nonprofit tax status...Голос Америки

Prosecutor General`s Office revealed that damage was caused to the  state in the amount of 60.7 billion AMD(2)

...past year and a half relate to embezzlement and crimes against the interests of public service. 366 warnings on voluntary compensation for damage were issued, due to which 915 million drams were restored, while in 2016-2017 this indicator was 162...Arminfo: Главная

NCAA Board Approves Athlete Compensation for Image, Likeness(2)

The NCAA and its member schools now must figure out how to allow athletes to profit while still maintaining rules regarding amateurism Голос Америки

Military Prosecutor`s Office of Armenia summed up the results of  activity for 9 months: Theft was revealed for the total amount of  about 10 billion drams(2)

...and the Garrison Military Prosecutor's Office filed 5 lawsuits totaling 10.1 million drams, with a proposal to restore the state compensation for damage within a reasonable amount of 9, 7 million drams.Arminfo: Главная



...not to sell tickets to this country.The Ministry of Transport of Russia reported that it will consider the issue of compensation to air carriers for the termination of flights. In early September, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov said that the...АдыгеяНатПресс

Minister: Samples taken from the Voghchi River indicate excess of MPC  of a number of heavy metals (2)

...and paid a fine in general in the amount of about 700-900 thousand drams. "We believe that the amount of compensation under the current legislation does not reflect the actual amount of damage done," he said, noting that the ministry...Arminfo: Главная

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