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Civilization VI - Великая Колумбия и народ Майя пополнили список цивилизаций(2)

Как и было обещано разработчиками из студии Firaxis Games, состоялся релиз расширения "Maya & Gran Colombia", первого из шести заявленных дополнений, вошедших в годовой абонемент "New Frontier Pass" для стратегии Civilization VI. Новости компьютерных игр: свежие игровые новости, обзоры, видео, п

Colombia Tightens COVID-19 Restrictions at Border with Brazil

Coronavirus cases have surged near border with Brazil Голос Америки

Colombia, Netherlands to Probe TikTok's Management of Children's Data

Chinese-owned social media app is estimated to have between 500 million and 1 billion users and has come under increasing scrutiny worldwide Голос Америки

Colombia temporarily releases 4,000 prisoners over coronavirus

Colombia temporarily releases 4,000 prisoners over coronavirus

After six months, all the prisoners will have to return to prison to serve out their sentences. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Warren Buffett's Son Tries to Help Colombia Kick Cocaine Curse

Eldest son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett is spending $200 million to help Colombia kick its cocaine curse Голос Америки

Velasquez, Assassin For Drug King Escobar, Dies

Known as 'Popeye', Jhon Jario Velasquez died in Bogota, Colombia after a short battle with stomach cancer Голос Америки

Some Venezuelan Refugees Resort to Sex Work in Colombia to Survive

Displaced and desperate, women are turning to prostitution to survive in Cucuta Голос Америки

Venezuela's Guaido to Meet Top EU Diplomat in Brussels(2)

Recognized as Venezuela's president by more than 50 countries including the United States and most European Union members, Guaido has already defied a travel ban by going on Sunday to Colombia Голос Америки

UN Alarmed by 'Staggering' Deaths of Rights Activists in Colombia(2)

The United Nations human rights agency is expressing alarm at the number of activist deaths in Colombia, despite a peace accord aimed at improving conditions in poor, rural areas Голос Америки

Bogota's History-Making Mayor-Elect Weds Partner in Colombia(2)

The first woman to be mayor of Colombia's capital city has married her partner in a private civil ceremony before taking office Голос Америки

Despite Rebel Peace, Journalists in Colombia Still Face Threat of Violence(2)

After years of conflict, Colombians thought this agreement would change the country for the better Голос Америки

Talks Between Colombia Strike Committee, Government End Without Advances(2)

Hundreds of thousands of Colombians have participated in protests against President Ivan Duque's social and economic policies since Nov. Голос Америки

More Protests in Colombia as Duque Makes Changes to Tax Reform(2)

Unions and student groups will hold another protest on Wednesday in honor of a teenage demonstrator who died after being injured by a tear gas canister, as President Ivan Duque announced changes to his unpopular tax reform proposal Голос Америки

Colombia Police Station Bombed as Unrest Intensifies(2)

Three officers were killed and 10 injured in a province known for drug trafficking and violence, and protests continue in the capital Голос Америки

Colombia Authorizes Riot-Control Measures Ahead of Protests(2)

Student groups and unions called the demonstrations, saying the conservative administration of President Ivan Duque is seeking to impose labor and pension reforms, which Duque has denied Голос Америки

Colombia Foreign Minister to Move to Top Defense Post(2)

Carlos Holmes Trujillo will focus on everyday security and the fight against armed groups and drug trafficking Голос Америки

Colombia to Speed Nearly $400M in Social Investment for Violence-hit Region(2)

Indigenous communities and political candidates have been recent targets for violence by crime gangs and dissident rebels Голос Америки

UN: Massacres of Indigenous Peoples in Colombia Must Stop(2)

Call by world body's human rights office follows killing this week of five indigenous people by criminal gangs Голос Америки

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