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UN: Impact of Long Libya War on Civilians is 'Incalculable'

The first meeting of a Libyan Political Forum aimed at forming a new government has also been scheduled for Feb 26 in Geneva Голос Америки

Fighting in Cameroon Kills Several Dozen

A least 35 civilians have reportedly been killed and 40 homes torched in less than a week in English-speaking North West region, following bloody...Голос Америки

UN: Airstrikes Kill More Than 30 Civilians in Yemen

The U.N. humanitarian chief for Yemen says strikes killed more than 30 civilians in a Yemeni mountainous northern province...Голос Америки

German Filmmaker Vilsmaier, Known for 'Stalingrad,' Dies

The months-long siege of the city, now known as Volgograd, cost the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians and marked a turning point for Nazi Germany in World War II...Голос Америки

Military Action Escalating Along With Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

...a Syrian government helicopter in apparent retaliation for an attack that killed five Turkish soldiers, while the number of displaced civilians this month rose to 689,000...Голос Америки

Tens of Thousands Flee Worsening Conditions in Eastern DR Congo

More than 100,000 civilians have fled worsening conditions in DR Congo's eastern Beni Territory over the past two months...Голос Америки

UN Warns Humanitarian Catastrophe Unfolding in Syria

In the latest escalation of hostilities, civilians are targeted even when trying to escape, UN official says...Голос Америки

Israeli strikes on Syria nearly downed plane with 172 civilians - Russia

Israeli strikes on Syria nearly downed plane with 172 civilians - Russia

According to the Russian military, an Airbus-320 with 172 passengers on board was trying to land at Damascus airport Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Pentagon: US Forces Destroy 2 Terrorist Camps in Southern Somalia

AFRICOM says al-Shabab used the camps to launch terror attacks on civilians Голос Америки

Azerbaijan's violence in April War


...the south of the frontline. Artsakh Defense Army opened retaliatory fire to suppress the rival’s attacks. During the incident, two civilians - a 52-year-old woman and a 2-year-old girl from Azerbaijan - were killed. This is not the first time...Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Frustration in South Korea as Cost-sharing Talks With US Drag On

Nearly a month after the expiration of a U.S.-South Korea defense cost-sharing agreement, there is growing frustration among South Korean civilians working on U.S. bases, who will soon go unpaid if a deal isn't reached. As VOA’s Bill Gallo reports,...Голос Америки

Gambia Arrests 137 in Protests Urging President to Step Down

At least 18 paramilitary members and seven civilians were injured in Sunday's confrontation, the government said...Голос Америки

Myanmar Military Faces Added International Scrutiny

...helicopters flew into mountainside village of Pain Lone in Shan State during September 13-16 skirmishes that saw at least 15 civilians killed and 30 injuries, according to Shan press reports...Голос Америки

Afghan Rally Protests Killing of Civilians in Airstrike

Protesters, carrying bodies of victims, say three women and three children belonging to same family were among those killed in the deadly overnight air force airstrike in Balkh Голос Америки

Rights Group: US-Taliban Must Commit to End Attacks on Afghan Civilians(2)

Amnesty International says 'claims of peace cannot be taken seriously as long as combatants continue to target civilians' Голос Америки

EU Condemns Northwest Syria Offensive

'The renewal of the offensive in Idlib, including repeated air strikes and shelling targeting civilians are unacceptable and must cease,' an EU spokesman said in a statement...Голос Америки

Burkina Faso mourns death of 36 civilians killed in attack

Burkina Faso mourns death of 36 civilians killed in attack

The bloodshed is part of a surge in violence in the West African country that has killed hundreds. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Suspected Nazi Commander Living in US Dies at 100

Minneapolis carpenter Michael Karkoc accused of atrocities against Polish civilians; family strongly denied the charge Голос Америки

Released by Separatists, RFE/RL Journalists Describe Imprisonment in Eastern Ukraine

Stanislav Aseyev and Oleh Halazyuk were among the civilians released by Russia-backed separatists in a prisoner swap on December 29, 2019.Голос Америки

Two Documentaries Chronicle Horrors in Syria Through Women's Eyes

...and Eastern Ghouta through the eyes of women. Waad al-Kateab's film "For Sama," and Feras Fayyad's film "The Cave," document civilians' struggle to survive in devastated cities where doctors in makeshift hospitals tend to throngs of injured and dying people.Голос Америки

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