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South Korea Arrests Leader of Church With Big Cluster

Prosecutors are questioning Lee Man-hee over charges that the church hid members and underreported gatherings to avoid broader quarantines...Голос Америки

Israeli Police Forcefully Disperse Protesters Outside PM's Residence

Protesters want Netanyahu's resignation because of coronavirus crisis, corruption charges Голос Америки

Twitter allegedly used phone numbers to target ads

Twitter allegedly used phone numbers to target ads

Twitter estimated probable loss of between $150 million and $250 million in settlement charges. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Cape Verde Agrees to Extradite Maduro Ally to US

Colombian businessman Alex Saab, detained since June, faces money laundering charges Голос Америки

New York State Attorney General Sues NRA, Seeks to Dissolve It

Letitia James charges national gun group's leadership with illegally diverting funds for private use...Голос Америки

Zimbabwe Accused of Stiffling Press Freedom as Journalist Denied Bail Again

Rights groups denounce High Court for denying bail to journalist Hopewell Chin'ono, who is facing charges of stoking violence ahead of planned anti-government protests...Голос Америки

Novartis Pays $729 Million to Settle US Kickback Charges

Officials say company paid illegal kickbacks to doctors and patients to boost drug sales Голос Америки

Egypt's Top Court Upholds 15-year-sentence for Activist

Egypt's highest criminal court has upheld a 15-year sentence for one of the leading activists behind the country's 2011 uprising; Court of Cassation also confirmed Saturday a fine of 6 million Egyptian pounds, or $372,000, against Ahmed Douma, a secular...Голос Америки

Russian Journalist Convicted of 'Justifying Terrorism'

After the verdict, Human Rights Watch issued a statement calling the charges 'bogus' and a 'devastating blow' to press freedoms in Russia.Голос Америки

Russia Charges Former Journalist with Treason

Main security agency claims Ivan Safronov sold secrets to West Голос Америки

Ex-Russian Journalist Charged With High Treason

Ivan Safronov has denied the charges against him; he was arrested July 7 amid allegations that he had passed secret information to the Czech Republic...Голос Америки

Former Epstein Associate Maxwell Expected at Bail Hearing

Ghislaine Maxwell set to appear on charges that she helped accused sex offender Jeffrey Epstein abuse underage girls...Голос Америки

Former Head of Mexico's State Oil Company Awaits Extradition from Spain to Face Corruption Charges

The former head of Mexico's state oil company could be extradited from Spain to face corruption charges as early as Thursday...Голос Америки

Turkish Court Sentences Germany-based Journalist to Jail on Terrorism Charges

The court also filed additional criminal complaints against Deniz Yucel for insulting President Tayyip Erdogan and for insulting the Turkish Republic and its agencies Голос Америки

US Charges 2 Chinese Nationals in Global Hacking Campaign

Indictment marks first time Chinese nationals have been charged with what officials call 'blended threat;' accused remain at large...Голос Америки

US Charges Stanford University Researcher with Visa Fraud

Federal prosecutors said the visiting neurologist lied on her visa application in 2018 to conceal her membership in the Chinese military Голос Америки

Judge Orders Malaysian Ex-PM to Settle $397M in Unpaid Taxes

Najib Razak also faces charges in the multibillion-dollar 1MBD scandal...Голос Америки

Activist Decries Iran's Upholding of his 8-Year Prison Term, Citing Injustices in His Case

Arsham Rezaee tells VOA Persian the prison term upheld Saturday by an Iranian appeals court was based on bogus charges which his lawyer was unable to defend against...Голос Америки

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