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Pashinyan: $1.5 bn of army budget must come from anti-corruption drive

Pashinyan: $1.5 bn of army budget must come from anti-corruption drive

Pashinyan said that raising the efficiency of the fight against corruption will be one of the most important challenges. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Challenges (Франция): как Макрон хочет сблизиться с Путиным

Challenges (Франция): как Макрон хочет сблизиться с Путиным

Дипломат Пьер Вимон, которому Эммануэль Макрон поручил развитие нового диалога с Россией, представил в среду некоторые детали своей миссии. ИноСМИ - Все, что достойно перевода

Divisive US Politics Pose Challenges for Political Science Professors

VOA speaks to Jennifer Lucas, who teaches politics at St. Голос Америки

Politics, Education and Brewing

VOA Connect Episode 109 - Any marriage can have its challenges - meet one couple that manages to overcome deep political differences to celebrate what they have in common. And find...Голос Америки

Rapid Urban Growth in Africa Poses Challenges

According to a new report, more than 50% of Africans already live in one of the 7,600 urban areas across the continent Голос Америки

Armenia PM sends condolences over China coronavirus outbreak

Armenia PM sends condolences over China coronavirus outbreak

"During its centuries-old history, China has faced numerous challenges and always defied them with dignity," he said.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Former Student Activist Takes Charge as Kosovo's Prime Minister

Pressure to renew negotiations with Serbia tops a list of challenges for Albin Kurti's new government...Голос Америки

US Flight Rules on China Visits will Pose New Airline Challenges

The United States said Friday that for flights departing after 5 pm EST Sunday, it will bar entry to nearly all foreign visitors who have been in China within the last two weeks Голос Америки

Brexit Day Takes Britain Back to the Future

The same set of economic and geopolitical challenges that persuaded Britain's Harold Macmillan to launch Britain's first bid to join the European Community will face the country after...Голос Америки

Thaw Threatens Frozen Continent Protected by International Treaty

...discovered Antarctica 200 years ago. A treaty drafted to protect it in the 1950s may lose its cool facing the challenges of the 21st Century...Голос Америки

Can the Putin-Erdogan Partnership Last?

A Berlin conference this week on Libya hinted at the challenges the Russian and Turkish leaders face in reining in their clients, say analysts...Голос Америки

In Tiny Town, Immigration Detainees Outnumber Residents

Immigrants being held in a detention center in remote Lumpkin, Georgia, face a host of challenges in fighting their cases...Голос Америки

Mozambique's Nyusi Begins 2nd Term Amid Violent Challenges

Nyusi, 60, won re-election in October with 73% of the vote, while the opposition alleged irregularities Голос Америки

Top global health challenges unveiled

Top global health challenges unveiled

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released its "to-do" list of the most urgent worldwide health issues. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Student Newspapers Face Real World Challenges

Similar to small commercial news outlets, many college papers are lacking money from advertising but are not yet folding Голос Америки

UN Faces Many Challenges as it Sets to Commemorate 75th Anniversary

Anniversary comes against a backdrop of resurgent geopolitical tensions, increasing trade disputes and a 'world on fire' due to climate change Голос Америки

AP Analysis: New Questions Arise as Iran Says It Downed Plane

New challenges for the Islamic Republic come both externally amid tensions with the US and internally as it deals with growing discontent...Голос Америки

Microsoft Research 2019 reflection—a year of progress on technology’s toughest challenges(2)

The post Microsoft Research 2019 reflection—a year of progress on technology’s toughest challenges appeared first on Stories.News Center | News, perspectives and press materials from Microsoft on news and events affecting the company and the tec

Africa's Opposition Parties Say Struggle Against Entrenched Leaders is Generational(2)

Opposition politicians in Africa face tough challenges -- including arrest, intimidation and violence...Голос Америки

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