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Thousands of Bones Being Cleaned During Restoration of Czech Ossuary

Barbara's Church and the Sedlec Ossuary, beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints.Голос Америки

Spanish Village Gears up for Dictator Franco's Remains(2)

...government has announced that Gen. Francisco Franco's embalmed body will be relocated from a controversial shrine to a small public cemetery where the former dictator's remains will lie along his deceased wife...Голос Америки

Archaeologists uncover dozens of sealed ancient coffins in Egypt(2)

Archaeologists uncover dozens of sealed ancient coffins in Egypt

The cemetery has previously yielded archaeological finds dating back to Egypt's 18th dynasty, which began in around 1539 B.C.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Underground Necropolis to Ease Jerusalem's Grave Shortage(2)

...mile-long labyrinth, with 23,000 burial chambers lining the walls and ground, was tunnelled into the hillside beneath Jerusalem's main Jewish cemetery, Givat Shaul, which is quickly running out of space...Голос Америки

The head of party «Yabloko» said she had found evidence of the illegality of excavations of the Sandarmokh memorial cemetery in Karelia(2)

The head of party «Yabloko» said she had found evidence of the illegality of excavations of the Sandarmokh memorial cemetery in Karelia

Russian Military Historical Society and asked on what basis the staff of the RMHS had come to the Sandarmokh memorial cemetery in 2018 and recovered the remains of several bodies. She received the answer only in September. It states that...Журнал 7х7

Spanish Supreme Court Approves Franco's Exhumation(2)

...from the Valley of the Fallen mausoleum that was built by the military dictator outside Madrid to a more modest cemetery where his wife is buried...Голос Америки

Honoring the Fallen(2)

Army Caisson Platoon, which carries some military members and presidents to their final resting place at Arlington National Cemetery. Sergeant 1st Class Michael Skeens, the Caisson Platoon Sergeant, talks about his solemn work as head of the platoon.Голос Америки

Descendants of America's First Africans Will Mark 400 Years(2)

A family that traces its bloodline to America's first enslaved Africans will gather at its cemetery to reflect on their arrival 400 years ago...Голос Америки

Boy Scout Gets Troop To Help Restore Historic Black Cemetery(2)

A Virginia teen volunteering at the Alexandria National Cemetery three years ago noticed a rundown plot just down the street...Голос Америки

African American Families Seek Clues About Enslaved Ancestors(2)

First Black cemetery uncovers history of enslaved Africans...Голос Америки

The Caisson Platoon: Honoring Those Who Served(4)

The Soldiers of the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) are part of the U.S. Army Caisson Platoon. These men and women soldiers have the honor of carrying departed military members from all branches and dignitaries to their final...Голос Америки

Body of 1930s Gangster John Dillinger to Be Exhumed(2)

Body of 1930s gangster John Dillinger is set to be exhumed from an Indianapolis cemetery more than 85 years after he was killed by FBI agents...Голос Америки


THE COUNT-DOWN IS ON… I found myself in a cemetery this week seriously considering the brevity of lifetime. I know, I understand, but follow me at this point. Before I...Журнал "Кот и Кит"

Столица американской киноиндустрии: интересные факты о Голливуде(2)

Столица американской киноиндустрии: интересные факты о Голливуде

на кладбищах. Так, с 2002 года в рамках летнего кинофорума Cinespia по ночам фильмы демонстрируются на "звездном" кладбище Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Изображение проецируется прямо на стену мавзолея Рудольфо Валентино - одного из самых знаменитых актеров эпохи немого кино. Автором термина...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Египетский бум: за год археологи сделали массу открытий

Здесь были захоронены как минимум три поколения людей, которые жили при Тутанхамоне и его предках. Пока обнаружено не меньше 50 захоронений, но раскопки продолжаются.Pics: Cemetery dating back to 18th Dynasty unearthed https://t.co/6fBEYLrRbI #NewKingdom #Egypt #archaeology pic.twitter.com/fZEZGleTgJ– Debborah Donnelly (@DebbyDonnelly) December 13, 2018 Гробница с 55...АдыгеяНатПресс

Бюджет на 5 дней в Копенгагене

Бюджет на 5 дней в Копенгагене

билета входит одно пиво, музей работает каждый день с 10:00 до 18:00.Самое доброе и приятное кладбище на свете — Assistens Cemetery. Адрес: Kapelvej, 4.Парк с Красной, Черной и Зеленой площадями — Superkilen Park. Адрес: N?rrebrogade, 210.Отличное пиво и закуски ищите...АдыгеяНатПресс

Istanbul’s Armenian patriarch will be laid to rest on March 17(2)

Istanbul’s Armenian patriarch will be laid to rest on March 17

Mesrob Mutafyan will be later buried at the Şişli Armenian cemetery in an area designated for patriarchs.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Архитектор геноцида: Вандалы снова осквернили могилу Карла Маркса(2)

красной краской, написав, что немецкий философ является архитектором геноцида и ответственен за большевистский холокост. Vandals back at Marx Memorial, Highgate Cemetery. Red paint this time, plus the marble tablet smashed up. Senseless. Stupid. Ignorant. Whatever you think about Marx's legacy,...ForUm - новости Украины и мира. Последние новости и события.

Sergei Kopyrkin: Diplomatic relations between Armenia and Russia are  part of a deeper relationship between countries(2)

Russia to Armenia Sergei Kopyrkin said this on February 8 in an interview with journalists, who visited the central metropolitan cemetery of diplomats in Yerevan and laid flowers at the monument to Griboyedov. According to him, the Armenian-Russian relations have...Arminfo: Главная

Надгробие могилы Карла Маркса в Лондоне разбили молотком(4)

по ней молотком... Мы приведем [надгробие] в порядок как можно скорее", - говорится в записи. Глава фонда Friends of Highgate Cemetery Иэн Дангвелл в интервью газете Guardian назвал осквернение надгробия "весьма невнятной формой политического высказывания"...Еженедельная газета "Обзор" (Литва)

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