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'Letters From Home' Helps Actress Discover Her Identity

A Cambodian-American actress is using her art to explore her roots through a very personal story.Голос Америки

Cambodian Appeals Court Rejects RFA Reporters' Motion for Dismissal

Attorney for reporters charged with espionage intends to bring case before country's Supreme Court Голос Америки

Young Cambodian Activists Challenge Social and Political Status Quo

With no memory of the Khmer Rouge's bloody rule in the 1970s, or the long years of civil war, many young Cambodians today are less worried about upheaval than their elders and more willing to advocate for greater freedom and...Голос Америки

Threats Against Cambodian Journalists Linger After Crackdown on Free Press

Crackdown during 2018 election forced the closure of dozens of radio stations and newspapers, silenced foreign media, and imprisoned two journalists Голос Америки

Observers: Cambodian Government Tightened Grip on Power in 2019(2)

This past year, Prime Minister Hun Sen consolidated power, observers say, pointing to intimidation of opposition and minimal improvement of human rights Голос Америки

Saving Cambodian Cooking From Extinction(2)

Cambodian cuisine, often overshadowed by its similar Thai and Vietnamese counterparts, is relatively unknown to the world, but a Cambodian chef is working to change that. VOA's Chetra Chap reports.Голос Америки

Refugee Paroled in California Murder Case, Detained by ICE(2)

An attorney says a Cambodian refugee who drew support from immigrant groups was released from a California prison after being granted parole in a murder...Голос Америки

Cambodian-American Fighter Punching For the Top(2)

An MMA fighter of Cambodian decent has never set her foot in her mother's homeland, but now she is using her fighting career to reconnect...Голос Америки

Cambodian Leader Sings Praises of US After Letter From Trump(2)

Washington has long been critical of Hun Sen's poor record on human rights and democracy Голос Америки

Rainsy: EU Trade Move to Bolster Bid for Cambodian Democracy(2)

The EU finalized a preliminary report Tuesday that Sam Rainsy said would be the basis for suspending trade privileges for Cambodia Голос Америки

Cambodian Opposition Leader Meets US, French Envoy After House Arrest Lifted(2)

Cambodian authorities have arrested about 50 of Sokha's banned opposition party supporters and other activists this year Голос Америки

Cambodian Opposition Leader Doesn't Return as Promised(2)

After months of anticipation and increased tensions, Sam Rainsy missed his promised return date of Nov. Голос Америки

Cambodian Rival Stopped From Going Home to Challenge Hun Sen (2)

Sam Rainsy is stopped from boarding a flight in Paris, but he assures his followers he will go ahead with his plan Голос Америки

Cambodian Choreographer Promotes Healing Through Dance(2)

That's how one Cambodian dancer is using it. Through dance, she's telling the story of forced marriage during the Khmer Rouge regime...Голос Америки

Cambodian Village Depends on EU Program That May End(2)

Almost all Cambodian-made goods now enter EU duty-free; revocation of nation's status would be disaster for villagers dependent on income from work in...Голос Америки

Declining Fish Stocks Threaten Cambodian Way of Life(2)

Malis Tum reports from a riverbank fish market in Phnom Phen. Голос Америки

Cambodian Reporters' Legal Limbo Traumatizes Their Families(2)

A judge, in a delayed ruling, said he did not have enough evidence to make a decision in the espionage case against Yeang Sothearin and Uon Chhin, and ordered state prosecutors to reinvestigate the case and present it to a...Голос Америки

Instead of Verdict, Cambodian Judge Orders New Investigation of Reporters’ Spy Case (2)

The judge said he could not rule on the guilt or innocence of Uon Chhin and Yeang Sothearin without more evidence Голос Америки

Asian American Groups Oppose Cambodian Refugee Deportations(2)

Asian American groups are objecting to the Trump administration's efforts to step up deportations of Cambodians with criminal records Голос Америки

Cambodian Court Charges Exiled Politicians With Rebellion(2)

Seven top opposition leaders accused of plotting armed rebellion for planning to return from self-imposed exile to seek a government change through mass peaceful protests Голос Америки

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